Tuesday, 20 October 2020

Q: "how do institutions like stable laws & prices allow us to behave & coordinate our affairs more rationally?"


"The way to think about Hayek's approach [is to ask] how do institutions like stable laws & prices allow us to behave & coordinate our affairs more rationally?
    "Instead of starting with a model of perfect rationality & then identifying how humans fail to satisfy [alleged] standards of rationality, you look at the way the development of social institutions like prices, language, [and] law ... have allowed us to coordinate & calculate.
    "Prices and stable general laws give us fantastic new tools for coordinating our behaviour and organising our individual plans in conjunction with those of millions of unknown others.
    "Hayek remarks in Law, Legislation, and Liberty that proper social science does not begin with the assumption of rationality, but rather explains how the development of institutions and the process of learning and acculturalisation have allowed us to [encourage and to] gain in rationality."

      ~ summary from the Twitter thread ...

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  1. New Zealand is close to being: A Cuba of the South Pacific - but worse. A festering hole of lazy, evil wicked murderers.
    The New Zealand Government is Dangerously close to triggering a Communist state: with 20 years of naïve social programs - the power balance is too much now against private enterprise and innovative risk.
    The Immigration Policy is sorry to inform but in many ways a net-negative economically; but more importantly; culturally and socially. Destroying 1000s of years of Western Learning. Imported on mass anyone who can fill in the application; to hide a disgraceful economic miss-management and shabby political leadership for 20 years.
    A lot of trust is going in traditional safeguards; and legitimate business's are now very hard to operate and the illegal or undignified, money lending type, businesses are almost promoted. ( Examples: Zero accountability for The Broadcasting Standards, Ombudsmen System, Contract Law, and consumer laws is driving up compliance and very little real teeth to do much or chose to ignore the little guy when asked. )
    Immigration on mass of: Indians, Chinese and Middle Easterns is been driven by often bitter young woman who hate capitalism, the are running diversity as a national religion burning any traditional European ways by the day.
    Hate speech laws are being drafted naively.
    They removed the name Jesus from the Parliament Prayer, without any consultation, and putting in hate speech laws and blocking any counter views in many mainstream channels.
    They have the highest suicide rate in the world among youth and yet have just had a National Referendum to legalize euthanasia. Also removing many safe guards of the unborn child.
    But that is not the real danger: The immigration is very naïve. Very little deep data or understanding of what immigrationis doing economicallyor societally. Over producing cafes and under producing technology.
    There are few high end producers, and they are being out voted by a flawed constitution which keeps drifting left and a racist bias to continue to over-represent the Maori race and continue to ignore real issues.
    There is less power to the Europeans pioneering legacies and farmers daily - who brought in the modern day New Zealand through 1000s of years of trial-an-error through European education.
    It is a shame but New Zealand is heading towards a South Africa society if something serious it not changed; in the way of constitutional balance, and reverse the naïve irrational immigration policy.
    Hon MP Winston Peters was one of the last to protect traditional values ofreal productivity gains for the middle class. And he was not even that good at it.
    I can tell you know it is heading for violence within 15 years but, and even worse New Zealand is being held up as an example for the west.


    1.) Stop the naïve unEuropean / unWestern or unChristian importation on mass of cheap labor from very unhelpful states.
    2.) Redraw the map with traditional Allies, moving to repair the ANZUS treaty
    3.) Re-work the MMP environment to balance the natural 'powers brokers': of the famers and primary produces stake holders, the small business owners - and the average worker. and remove the high jacking of priorities minorities and ethnic groups well out of proportion to anything reasonable.
    3.) Clean up the Media with standards.
    4.) Create an alliance of State services being overseen by Canberra with power being taken out of New Zealand's hands in subtle ways to be overseen by Canberra.


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