Wednesday, 31 January 2018

QotD; On poverty

“When the poor stop being poor, they lose the attention of the left. What actions on the part of the poor, or what changes in the economy, have led to drastic reductions in poverty seldom arouse much curiosity, much less celebration.”
~ Thomas Sowell

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  1. looking for somewhere to start a blog ( what happened to blogspotconz ? ) but this is great stuff !! the poor in nz are the working : me busdriver coodn't afford ( one bedroom ) flat rent increases so now boarding at exes in state house where she pays minimal rent and has two boarders paying hundreds ( no reduction in benefit ) and last year got brand new frig and and washing machine . the so-called benefit cuts of 91 ( Richardson ) were accompanied by massive INCREASES in accommodation supplement : previously restricted to $40 p.w. they went to $100 and subsequently infinite : the beginning of Auckland housing crisis now . Thanks for patience for this unemployed driver (losing licence for drink-driving not a good idea ) having his say . Cheers !!!Jerry D. ( sorry : don't 'stand that "comment as"


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