Friday, 10 November 2017

Quote of the Day: So why do we still discuss it?

"In the last century capitalism has lifted billions out of poverty, whereas socialism killed 100m people.
Yet we still discuss which is the better system."
~ tweet from Creative Deduction


  1. Our new Dear Leader, and her Deputy Dear Leader, without any discussion declared Capitalism is a failure.
    What's the idea of trying to introduce facts?

  2. Because people like free stuff and all those dead people were "over there somewhere a long time ago and didn't impact me". I live with this every day while step daughter is at home - she's appallingly ignorant yet thinks she's super smart. Facts need not apply.


  3. Probably because people like to pretend it's a dichotomy. We have a mixed system - those on the left blame capitalism for problems; those on the right blame socialism.


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