Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Quote of the Day: On the real reason not to require DPB recipients to name the father

"So what is the real reason for the change [to not require DPB recipients to name the father]? It's the imposition of radical feminism whereby women's [alleged] rights are elevated above children's .... with the added bonus of screwing the taxpayer."
~ Lindsay Mitchell, from her post 'The ghost of Metiria and more lies'


  1. I am just going through a prolonged period of suffering [ cancelled Superannuation ] for saying that MSD Review cabal are a bunch of pig headed feminazis and that Brendan Boyle [CEO] is a law unto himself sociopath. [ For good reasons > they are feminazis and BB a sociopath >> opinion solely that of paul scott ] That makes me obnoxious and I can now be discriminated against at all levels within the State. This is your little citizens file spills over to INZ, Police, DIA, Everywhere . Its big penalty when you cross the feminazi. Just about anyone can get hold of my bad boy file, but not me because its private and I might be offended.

  2. There will be votes for Labour in it somewhere.


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