Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Bonus Quote of the Day: On the 'Paradise Papers'

"What exactly are the Paradise Papers exposing? That the very wealthy pay an ever-expanding retinue of financial experts, tax advisers and lawyers to minimise their tax liabilities, and manage their assets and capital? How exactly is something that is well known capable of being exposed? It’s like exposing the sugar content of ice cream, or the toiletry habits of bears in highly wooded areas..."
    "If we are really to pull ourselves out of the economic mire, we need more than grandstanding politicians and smug, broadsheet scandalmongering."
~ Tim Black, from the Spiked article 'The problem with the Paradise Papers'

Here are The Beatles, and an explanation for that song ...


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  1. So dumb PC - with posts like these you hardly differentiate you from the millions of screaming leftists frothing at the mouth about Trump.


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