Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Quote of the Day: Mises on copying another man’s work


“Freedom of the press does not mean that you have the right to copy what another man has written and thus to acquire the success which this other man has duly merited on account of his achievements. It means that you have the right to write something different.”
~ Ludwig Von Mises, from his Economic Policy: Thoughts for Tomorrow and Today, Lecture 1, pp 1-15



  1. Peter, YOU copy FLWs work..even his writing style
    Its pretty pathetic for a so called Libertarian


  2. That's quite a serious allegation, Jane. But the evidence you provide is pretty compelling.

    1. Well its True.
      Peter has Copied FLWs writing style (that is a fact and can be easily proven).
      If ONLY we could upload pic etc here I could show the proof very easily, (but Peters site here is so old , outdated and basic) we cannot even upload pics, videos or anything , He needs to upgrade this site from the 1950s (where his obvious copying is stuck in ).

      As far as Peter copying FLWs designs "stye", its so obvious and pathetic.

      Claude Megson NEVER "copied" FLWs style like Peter does. Claude Megson was himself, his own man with his OWN "style", unlike Peter.

      Peter does not even know who he is obviously as his expression of "his" design is NOT even his own. Its a VERY stylized version of copying FLW, even including FLWs VERY personalized and unique writing style.
      Like I said Peter is a hypocrite and a Copier himself and its pretty pathetic for a so called "libertarian" .



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