Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Quote of the Day: Australian politicians are losing it, says ‘Australian Financial Review’

“Talk about losing it. The Barnaby vortex opened and consumed [Australian] Foreign Minister Julie Bishop [and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull] in a whirlpool of hysteria and conspiracy theories that would do Donald Trump proud.
    “Bill Shorten, she said, had sought to use a foreign political party to raise serious allegations in a foreign parliament designed to undermine confidence in the Australian government…
    “The Prime Minister told his party room that ‘Bill Shorten wants to steal government by entering into a conspiracy with a foreign power.’
    “It continued in this vein in question time – an utterly hysterical bit of political overkill that tried to turn the government’s mortification over the fact that, on the face of it, the Deputy Prime Minister shouldn’t be sitting in the Parliament – into a Labor conspiracy, because someone in the ALP dared to ask someone in New Zealand to check up on citizenship requirements.
    “The overkill only added to the sense that the government really doesn’t have a clue about political strategy, and how, under pressure, it falls to pieces, rather than finds a path through one of those grin and bear it phases of politics which its own rhetoric suggests is underway.”

~ from the Australian Financial Review’s article ‘The day New Zealand conspired to overturn Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull



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