Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Thank you, Matt McCarten


As Matt MCarten steps down from the wreckage of yet another political organiser’s position once proclaimed with much hope and many huzzahs, it might be time to ask: Why is this dickhead thought to be some kind of a political genius?

From the way he’s been talked about over the years, you’d think he were the southern hemisphere’s answer to Machiavelli. And being an anti-capitalist political organiser in a country in which that political disposition is imbibed with mother’s milk, you’d think any even half-decent organiser of that persuasion would have acheived great career success.

Yet instead of lasting success his alleged great political smarts and rat cunning have instead overseen the destruction of at least two political parties whose platforms couldn’t be more to the liking of the luvvies (New Labour & The Alliance) and has helped make three others all but unelectable -- Mana, Maori and now the New Zealand Labour Party, which at one time all had aspirations of being in government together, but instead join each other in the toilet at least partly thanks to McCarten’s star turn at their respective organisational helms.

If his colleague Martyn Bradbury is the Wrongly Wrongson of leftist prognostication, then McCarten is is equal in political organisation.

So thank you, Matt McCarten. You have given NZ’s capitalists much to be grateful for.

Any chance you could now go work your magic on the Greens?


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