Friday, 15 July 2016

“We’re witnessing a complete breakdown in western values” [updated]


Crowd Protesting Against Government

While so many blather about “invasions” from without, Simon Black has observed that the system of mixed-economy, “i.e., a mixture of capitalism and statism, of freedom and controls,” is unravelling from within (as all mongrel compromises must) into its two major constituent components [NB: Amusingly, what statists call neo-liberalism is actually the mixed economy, which is what they confuse with capitalism]:

Wealth and income inequality is real, and the gap is growing. So is the consequent rise of socialism.

People know they’re getting screwed. And they are. They just don’t know why.

They have no idea how central bankers who conjure money out of thin air have rigged the entire economy against them.

So instead they blame “capitalism” and naturally embrace its opposite.

Seven centuries ago when Europe was just a plague-infested backwater, glimmerings of economic freedom began to appear on the continent.

The West adopted core values, like the sacrosanct protection of private property; the ability for an individual to work hard and build wealth; and spirited intellectual debate.

This is how western civilisation became the most prosperous that history has ever known.

But this is all changing.

Being wealthy used to be a virtue worthy of widespread aspiration.

Now it’s met with skepticism and derision.

Similarly, intellectual dissent used to be embraced.

Now it’s increasingly considered “hate speech” that must be banished from university campuses and their infantile ‘safe spaces’.

And the entire west, it seems, is moving towards an ever-expanding, fiscally unsustainable welfare state that creates swelling masses of dependents.

This is a complete breakdown of western values, and that has serious consequences.

It’s incredible how rapidly this trend has unfolded-- it's a very steep line from the economic chaos of the 2008 financial crisis to where we are today.

And given the speed of this pro-socialist trend, just think about where it’s going to be in a few more years.

More than likely, it will progress straight into your wallet.

[Pic by Sovereign Man]


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  1. "While so many blather about “invasions” from without,"

    The funny thing is, those who would kick all mohammadans out, and keep more from coming in, are upholding Western values, but you criticise them for it.


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