Wednesday, 20 July 2016

#VenezuelaWatch | You will not see this on the 6pm news


For anyone watching the contemporary experiment in socialism that is Venezeula –  a conclusive almost scientific experiment that every young person sympathetic to the system should observe: as starvation became a real thing this week in what was once one of the wealthiest countries in South America, the Venezuelan regime opened its border with Colombia to allow desperate people the opportunity to purchase food and other supplies on the Colombian side of the border.

Get that: To get food and supplies, Venezuelans had to queue up to cross over to neighbouring Colombia – not because Venezuelans have experienced a natural disaster, but because they voted themselves into the political disaster that is socialism. And, see, it is easy to buy food and provisions in Colombia, because they didn’t.

While store shelves sit empty in Venezuela, they teem with food and provisions just next door. The footage below shows the difference between socialism and the free market for any with eyes to see it – and there is no need to speak Spanish to understand the tragedy that is taking place in that country.

The Venezuelan regime opened up the bridge for only a few days:


Venezuelans streamed toward the border, pleading for liberty and food:


The desperation can be seen in this video: a Venezuelan man crying, kissing and hugging a Colombian soldier. “This government oppresses us a lot…There is no food in Venezuela. God bless you, you are very kind” he cries.


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  1. Your right, I didn't see this on the news, they are still going on about the Lindt cafe event in the local papers here(OZ), and about that driver in France that lost control of his truck.
    At least they did report about the school that banned clapping, and the girls school, that isn't allowed to call girls.., well girls, women, or any other non gender neutral term.

    B Whitehead


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