Wednesday, 20 July 2016



So just imagine: you’re not really a writer or a speaker. And you’re told by your husband’s campaign team that you need to deliver a speech. Soon. A speech supporting your husband’s nomination. It needs to be “Yuuge!”

You say: What sort of speech? And they say: Oh, just like the speech Michelle Obama delivered at her husband’s nomination.

And you go ahead and read that speech they gave you, the speech Michelle Obama delivered at her husband’s nomination, and then you write the same speech, and deliver it. The same speech, almost word for word. Because that was the speech you were asked to deliver.






  1. Hmm....not sure if it was stupidity or brilliance

    Certainly got some more coverage that it warranted. I was thinking stupidity until the Rickroll was pointed I'm more inclined towards brilliant to the point of taking the piss.

    Dave K

  2. It was one tiny part of her speech, so not the speech that Michelle delivered. The part that was the same, or similar, was anything but verbatim, and many people talk of the need to work to succeed, so there is no absolute certainty that it even was plagiarised one way or the other. Another case of more important things being drowned out by trivial nothings. Any opportunity to attack, I guess.

    1. It's often said there's very little difference between bullshit and spin. I think those who say that are probably right.


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