Monday, 11 April 2016

The winner of the summarise-Stefan-Molyneux competition


I keep being sent “recommendations” to follow a fellow called Stefan Molyneux. I’m not sure why. He appears explicitly opposed to virtually everything I value.

Mark Kormes describes for example a recent “podcast” by the creature on Donald Trump (who the Molyneux supports) and Objectivist opposition to his candidacy. As Mr Kormes says, the podcast is very revealing of his mentality

It's not pretty, and it's sad that this person has any influence at all. In summary, and as a TL;DR: the left is bad, so things the left thinks are wrong by definition and opposition to the left is good by definition. [and more: “…the genius of the Trump campaign has been to convince people they’re defying the elites when they live down to the elites’ worst expectations of them.”]

Allowing yourself to be defined by your opponents is neither good strategy nor good intellectual hygiene – yet, you might recall, it is a signal “tactic” of the so-called alt-right of whom the Molyneux is apart, who (with their white sheets and red golf caps) “dress up economic protectionism, white supremacism, and tribalism as a defense of western civilisation.”

Mr Kormes summarises the fatuous pro-Trump/anti-Objectivism points made by the Molyneux in the podcast:

    • *If Objectivists were actually for open borders, they'd support them in Israel too, but being bought and paid for by their neocon donors, they don't. Donald Trump is not bought and paid for by neocons.
    • *People respond to incentives, and so Third World immigrants are clearly here for the free stuff. That's why Democrats invite them in, and anyone who supports open borders is thus a suicidal de facto Democrat who wants America to be overrun by Third World immigrants. Donald Trump is not a Democrat and does not want America to be overrun by Third World immigrants.
    • *We should charge the rest of the world money for the right to trade with us, send us immigrants, and benefit from our military--anything else is anti-American and self-sacrificial. Donald Trump clearly loves America.
    • *Objectivists who support open borders and racial equality and are concerned about abuses by police are trying to win "cool points" from leftists and the mainstream media--likely in order to satisfy their neocon donors--though this is a futile effort because leftists want America to be overrun by Third World immigrants and will be satisfied with nothing less than the destruction of Caucasian capitalist America and making any concession to them is suicidal and will win no such "cool points." Donald Trump doesn't care about "cool points."
    • *The alt-right aren't racist at all--just heroic anti-leftists. To attack the alt-right is trolling for "cool points" from the left, which will never be forthcoming. One must join the alt-right or one is a leftist dupe who doesn't want to fight back. Donald Trump welcomes their support because he fights back.
    • *Feminism rules our culture and makes us irrational because women are usually emotionalist. Feminists hate the alpha male and yet are sexually attracted to him. Donald Trump is a big-time alpha male.
    • *Alpha males are hated by our culture unless they are relentless leftists. Non-alpha males are "cuck" conformists who just want the feminists who run our society to sleep with them. Donald Trump has no trouble with the ladies--he is no "cuck."
    • *If the right had any balls, they'd have endorsed the "Bell Curve" and all the other data out there showing the brown races are stupid. Even if it's not racial/genetic causes but environmental causes that give those Third Worlders low IQs, we must keep them out of the country or it will swell the welfare rolls to the breaking point. This is simply science--science mandates closed borders, and to support keeping them open is suicidal and irrational. Donald Trump wants to build a huge wall along the Mexican border--he has balls and is not suicidal.
    • *Rational discussion requires people to critically discuss whether brown people are stupid and women are emotionalists and not use words like "racist" or "sexist" because doing so is PC leftist talk that silences important discussions based on well-researched facts like the stupidity of brown people and the emotionalism of women. Donald Trump doesn't care about the PC left and unlike Cruz is not religious, so he is a rational man.
    • *The way to win over Trump supporters if you think Trump is bad is to listen to their views and give them what they want. To tell them what they want is impossible and/or destructive is a great argument for Trump. The people can't ever be wrong about their desires, and they want Trump or, if not Trump, Trumpism. Therefore, since people respond to incentives and the customers want Trumpism, anti-Trump people must find an alternate way of satisfying the people's demand that immigration be stopped and good jobs brought back to America. Donald Trump is not a PC leftist conformist who wants to destroy America--opposition to him is proof that one is a PC leftist conformist who wants to destroy America.

Did I say fatuous? I don’t even think the “arguments” make that standard.

So, in short, I won’t be spending any time with the Molyneux. But thanks so much for the invitations.



  1. I thought the 'Untruth about Trump' vid was pretty good, it was not pro-Trump, more biting critcism on the main stream media and the readiness of his opposition to jump straight to self righteous indignation. It was interesting the way the "They are rapists" (as an example) comment was misrepresented, but when broken down it could conceivably mean the rapists are rapists. Was it an intentionally ambiguous throw-away line designed to provoke controversy and of course publicity. A master manipulator or bumbler? The recent abortion comment is a little harder to explain away. IMO some good points made by Molyneaux in "The Untruth about Trump"


  2. Actually it shows how fatuous the Objectivist movement is. Smug believers in 'objective values' yet they can't decide amongst themselves whether Trump would be a good president, or if the middle east should be nuked.

  3. Can imagine PC being carted away on a cattle train to Siberia in the early 1920s proudly clutching Altas Shrugged proclaiming he never sold out to the right wing reactionaries in the Duma.

    1. Actually - I can imagine you being carted off to the Nazi gas-chambers, wondering why it's come to this because all you ever wanted was a 'strong leader' to stand up to the Communists, and you ignored all evidence that Hitler would be equally bad.

  4. All this is too funny / I will bring it up at the next rednecks meeting. We may have to take action. I have often had to warn PC he is going to far.


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