Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Quote of the Day: “America did this to itself. That’s the bad news.”


“Trump blames America’s economic problems on China. But China did not force America to become a less economically free country. America did this to itself. That’s the bad news.
    “The good news is that America has the history and the grounding to restore greatness, i.e., prosperity, military security, and first and foremost, the preservation of individual rights.
”It’s hard to imagine anything more optimistic or realistic than what lifted America to the greatness it once enjoyed. If only [America would] give it another chance.”

~ Michael Hurd, from his article ‘Optimism Is Missing From the Race



  1. The problems in the US is the continuing advancement of socialism.I wonder if the people in the US today understand the meaning of Liberty that was delivered by the founding fathers, and perhaps no longer value or appreciate it and are more interested in trading away their liberties for security of gov't welfare.

  2. "blames China" You wont find Trump saying he blames China.

    With Trumpenfuhrer's tax rates the jobs will pour back into the US as the cost of labour drops.

    Make Merica great again. how aint that optimistic?


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