Monday, 12 October 2015

Machine of the day:

Capital leverages human effort. Capital in the form of modern machinery can make one person far more productive today than a hundred, or even a thousand might have been in the past. (Making a thousand of us … well, you work it out…)

Take this logging machine by Ponsse North America

How cool is that!

PS: There are over 3 trillion trees on Earth, 7 1/2 times more than previously expected; and where property rights are strongest most trees harvested for commercial use today are re-planted, making plantation forestry an actual renewable resource. What’s more, rapid growth of plantation timber and rapid logging of it could, between them, rapidly lower the worldwide price of housing …

[Hat tip Betty Brock-Porter & Michael Adams]

1 comment:

  1. This machine is made of minerals extracted from the earth, runs on fossil fuels, enhances human life, is a technical marvel, cuts down trees efficiently . The anti human life movement, the Greens, would hate it.


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