Friday, 23 October 2015

Friday morning ramble–23.10.15

“Journalism is printing what someone else does not
want printed: everything else is public relations.”

~ George Orwell

“The All Blacks insist they are not taking their next opponent lightly, as they prepare to play a warmup game against the Springboks in preparation for their finals victory.”
All Blacks not taking next victims lightly – IMPERATOR FISH
Lomu in the age of Twitter – Dylan Cleaver, HERALD

“The government accounts have returned to surplus after seven years of deficits. On Wednesday, the Prime Minister celebrated the news, saying "it's a very positive thing that the country is now earning more than it is spending.” Rarely can so much error have been packed into so few words.”
Deficit and surplus mean little - problems are always in spending – Jamie Whyte, HERALD

“A rather silly post by Danyl…”
You can’t negotiate an end to storms – David Farrar, KIWIBLOG
Never let a warmist ‘crisis’ go to waste? – NOT PC

“A teaching revolution that’s helped turn around some of the world’s toughest schools has come to New Zealand – but not everyone is laying out the welcome mat.”
NZEI again against anything new – David Farrar, KIWIBLOG

Never thought I’d enjoy a Russel Norman speech. Best part: it’s his last.
Valedictory Statement - Dr Russel Norman - 22nd October 2015 – IN THE HOUSE

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This is what they’ve been wondering in Oz.
“Where have all the Chinese buyers gone?” – Leith Van Onselen

“In truth, Wall Street has become so intellectually addled from its addiction to central bank enabled gambling that it no longer has a clue about what really matters. That’s why the next crash will come as an even greater surprise than the Lehman meltdown, and will be far more brutal and uncontainable, as well.
    “Yet the evidence that a China-led crash is on its way is hiding in plain sight.”
Red Swan Descending – David Stockman, CONTRA CORNER

“Not only does GDP measure "activity" without regard to its true wealth creation, it also fails to capture the benefits of innovation.”
GDP statistics are no good for 21st century economies – Diane Coyle, CAP X

“The Chinese credit score, if true, takes the freedom of social media and turns it into what undoubtedly will be a very effective and pervasive social and political control tool.”
ACLU report on Chinese 'credit score' is frightening – Kiwiwit, THOUGHTS FROM 40o SOUTH

The “sort of” is key.
Canadians (Sort of) Vote for Less Interventionism and More Freedom – MISES DAILY
How the Canucks Can Get Legalization Right – THE CANAL

On the other hand …
"Canada just elected an idiot" – Gavin McInnes, THE REBEL

“Smoking gun should take Hillary and Obama down.”
Here it is! – Lindsay Perigo, SOLO

Australia’s entire immigration policy summed up in one photograph:

Contra Piketty … “One consequence of more capital per worker is real wages increase at a faster rate than profits.”
Robert Lucas and where have all the small entrepreneurs gone? – UTOPIA – YOU ARE STANDING IN IT

“If our education system is going to improve, our salvation won't be low-cost alternatives to what we've got.  Our salvation will be education budgets so austere that middle class kids can no longer afford to finish four-year degrees - and therefore no longer need four-year degrees to convince employers to give them a chance.”
Stably Wasteful: Why New Tech Won't Gut Higher Education – Bryan Caplan, ECON LOG
What My "Case Against Education" Is Not – Bryan Caplan, ECON LOG

“It was about the Achilles’ heel of the whole socialist paradigm of her party: The fact that it bribes some people with other people’s money and calls it benevolent “social justice.” Hillary Clinton called it “deeply insulting” that [Jeb Bush] had suggested that Democratic presidential candidates had tried to appeal to black voters by offering “free stuff.”
Well of course she found it deeply insulting. Because it’s the truth; and she has no answer, other than emotion.”
“Free Stuff”: The Achilles’ Heel of Democratic Socialism – Michal Hurd, LIVING RESOURCES CENTER

"Free people are not equal and equal people are not free."
What Bernie Sanders doesn’t understand about economic equality – George Wills, WASHINGTON POST

Fighter Ronda Rousey explains ‘equal pay’:

“Bernie Sanders and others think that Sweden is a rich country because of its socialistic leanings. What is usually ignored however, is how Sweden got rich in the first place. Hint: It got rich with laissez faire, free-market reforms.”
How Modern Sweden Profits from the Success of Its Free-Market History – Yonathan Amselem, MISES DAILY

“Television in Denmark is rubbish, Finnish men like a drink – and Sweden is not exactly a model of democracy. Why, asks one expert, does everybody think the Nordic region is a utopia?”
Dark lands: the grim truth behind the 'Scandinavian miracle' – GUARDIAN

“The first observation to make is that many if not most of the social and economic misfortunes that are most frequently talked about are not the product of a “failed” free enterprise. The reason for this is that a consistently practiced free enterprise system no longer exists in the United States.”
Crony Capitalism the Cause of Society's Problems – Richard Ebeling, COBDEN CENTRE

“If you want to influence a country’s energy policy, you just have to do the opposite of what’s
being done in Germany. Germany is subsidising renewable energy to the tune of nearly 500
billion euros. I hope that Germany at least manages to export wind turbines. But supporting
photovoltaics in Germany makes about as much sense as planting pineapples in Alaska.”

~ Siemens COE Joe Kaeser

"Although fracking has been employed for more than sixty years on more than one million wells in the United States, its use in innovative new ways has brought about the beginnings of a domestic oil and gas boom of unprecedented proportions. And, although successfully used without a single instance of scientifically verifiable groundwater contamination, this revolutionary method of unlocking the earth’s energy resources is under attack. Its enemies are the enemies of modern civilization, and they are making a concerted effort to permanently shut down fracking everywhere. FrackNation presents the truth about fracking, and does so with wit, style, and humor. It is an enjoyable lesson in energy production and freedom, and a sobering reminder of the lengths to which charlatans will go to oppose these important values."

Get rid of the gee-whiz graphs and …
The only global warming chart you really need – POWERLINE

“Just because the local gummit gives you the pretty coloured containers and tells you to do it, doesn't mean it's rational.”
If You're Recycling, You're Wasting Your Time – NATIONAL REVIEW

“Now, thanks largely to climate science, I have changed my mind. It turns out bad ideas can persist in science for decades, and surrounded by myrmidons of furious defenders they can turn into intolerant dogmas.”
What the Climate Wars Did to Science – Matt Ridley, RATIONAL OPTIMIST

Um, no, no we can’t.

“The reason inflation is bad news is not because of increases in prices as such, but because of the damage inflation inflicts to the wealth-formation process. Here is why…”
Should central banks fight a decline in price inflation? – Frank Shostak, COBDEN CENTRE

“The man who produces while others dispose of his product is a slave.”
~ Ayn Rand

“Monetary policy is not about “stimulus” but about maintaining the status quo. Super-low interest rates are meant to sustain structures that would otherwise be revealed to be obsolete, and that would, in a proper free market, be replaced. The European establishment is interested in maintaining the status quo at all cost, and ultra-easy monetary policy and QE are essentially doing just that.”
As Germany Loses Battle for ECB, QE Goes Global – Detlev Schlicter, COBDEN CENTRE

“…the adjectives attached to QE depend on the tense.  Ahead of time, peering into the unwritten future, QE “will be” powerful and able, an unparalleled monetary “stimulus”; in past tense, QE was not quite enough, needing always more. …. How quantitative and “scientific” can it be if it always gets bigger in repetition?”
Quantity of Nothing But Lost Time – Jeffrey Snider, CONTRA CORNER

“Then, as now, people were not aware – or were not willing to believe – that a major change had occurred. It wasn’t until 1982 that the bond market turned; finally, investors realized that it was a new world. Volcker saved the system. Bond yields – and interest rates – have been coming down ever since. Too bad he didn’t save a better system.”
The End of the World Has Already Begun – Bill Bonner, DAILY RECKONING

“I am always amused when people who eat
meat complain about people who hunt.”
~ Anon.

“The silver lining for the left is that it’s impossible for it to sink any lower. This is as low as it gets.”
According to the left, Israeli citizens deserve to be murdered – Brendan O’Neill, JEWISH NEWS

“One significant reason such attacks are hard to understand is that a lot of Americans assume that basically everyone everywhere wants the same things: a good life for themselves, a bright future for their children. But that life-affirming orientation is far from universal.”
Why Americans Struggle to Understand Palestinian Violence – Elan Journo, VOICES FOR REASON

“As crazy as it sounds…”
Saudi Arabia Will Be Broke In 5-Years, Says IMF – ZERO HEDGE

And who even remembers her story today … ?
The vanishing of Molly Norris – SEATTLE GLOBALIST

"No idea holds greater sway in the minds of educated Americans than the
belief that it is possible to democratise governments anytime and anywhere
under any circumstances...Decades, if not centuries are normally required
for people to acquire the necessary disciplines and habits (for liberty and small,
representative government). In Britain, the road took seven centuries to traverse."

~ Jeane Kirkpatrick

“In contemporary discussion and debate about copyrights in the digital-age, the parties who argue in favour of revision of the law so that it may “conform to the 21st century,” like to pick on William Shakespeare and Vincent Van Gogh quite a bit.  References to The Bard tend to be made most often in the context of derivative works… On other side of the coin, we find a relief of poor, mad, ruined Van Gogh, often displayed as the prime example of the artist who will create under any adversity.”
Leave Shakespeare & Van Gogh Alone – Part I – David Newhoff, ILLUSION OF MORE
Leave Shakespeare & Van Gogh Alone – Part II – David Newhoff, ILLUSION OF MORE

“Here’s a little statistic … [YouTube] are 40% of consumption of music and 4% of the revenue. That’s a problem! … They know that doesn’t work. But do they care? I have no idea.”
YouTube Accounts for 40% of All Music Listening, and 4% of All Music Revenues – DIGITAL MUSIC NEWS

“Another day, another dollar lost to piracy, you might say. And it would of course be true; streaming unlicensed music is not a new phenomenon. What is increasingly galling, however, is how blatant such services have become.”
Adios Aurous: Music Cheapskates Plumb New Depths of Piracy – Gordon Platt, CREATIVITY TECH
Aurous has nothing to do with SOPA – David Newhoff, ILLUSION OF MORE

“All of this is to say that if anyone thinks that vinyl is the solution to the economic exploitation artists are facing from free streaming models, then they just don’t understand the mechanics of the contemporary vinyl marketplace.”
The Truth About Vinyl And Streaming – And It Is Not Pretty… – THE TRICHORDIST

Answering the question again …
Can Patents be a True Property Right When They Expire? – Dale Halling, STATE OF INNOVATION

Adam Mossoff addresses “the misconception of patents as monopolies that blockade technological innovation and the two likely reasons why the public has come to hold this mistaken belief.”


Come on, you’ve been wondering.
Sex with Robots? The Ethics – Stephen Hicks, EVERY JOE

“To hold that the Internet is a “commons” or “public property” is to evade its actual nature; the Internet is a network of privately owned personal computers, servers, and cable. Ignoring this fact and pretending to themselves that the Internet is “public property,” proponents of net neutrality seek government control over private property—specifically that of Internet service providers.”
Net Neutrality: Toward a Stupid Internet – Raymond Niles, OBJECTIVE STANDARD

“Those who think of Ayn Rand as the icon of callow youths rather than a serious moral philosopher are unlikely to recognise the Rand whom Smith presents to us.”
Review of "Ayn Rand's Normative Ethics: the Virtuous Egoist" by Tara Smith – Anoop Verma, THE VERMA POST

“Several years ago, a teacher from my school was tutoring Kevin, then a freshman in high school. One day, Kevin came to their session asking for help in preparing for a test on protein synthesis. The tutor went over the information Kevin had been presented, helping him to memorize the following: 'Messenger RNA is synthesized by complementary base pairing with deoxyribonucleotides to match a portion of one strand of DNA called a gene. Subsequently, ribosomal subunits attach to the messenger RNA and amino acids are joined to form a polypeptide or a protein through a process called translation . . .' and so on. After Kevin had successfully memorized this highly complex process by which a protein is produced, the tutor asked him an insightful question: 'Kevin, what is a protein?'
    "Kevin had no idea.
   "This type of 'learning' is typical of nearly every science class and every textbook in every school I have ever seen or heard about…”
The Hiercarchy of Knowledge: The Most Neglected Issue in Education

Want to learn about your child’s development from experts?
Is This on Your Term 4 to do list? Book Your Place on the AMI 0-3 Assistant Certificate Course, April, 2016 today! – MARIA MONTESSORI EDUCATION FOUNDATION

“Scientists are helping students figure out how to farm on Mars, much like astronaut Mark Watney attempts in the critically acclaimed movie 'The Martian.'”
You too can learn to farm on Mars – SCIENCE DAILY

"The average worker in the United States today is materially far better off than a millionaire of a century ago—than even the world’s very richest people of that time or of any other time much before the beginning of the present century. He has at his disposal all kinds of goods they simply did not have, such as automobiles, airplanes, electric light, indoor plumbing, radios, telephones, television sets, phonographs, tape-recorders, motion pictures, air-conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, antibiotics, modern anaesthetics, and all the other advances of modern medicine. No one in the world had any of these things much before the beginning of the present century—not Queen Victoria, not Napoleon, not Louis XIV, not any of the Roman Emperors or Egyptian Pharaohs. The only respect in which these immensely wealthy individuals of the past can be described as better off than the average wage earner under capitalism today is that they had access to personal servants, which he, of course, does not. But servants to carry chamber pots and harness horses do not begin to compare to indoor plumbing and automobiles, which today’s wage earner does have."
~ Economist George Reisman, from his book Capitalism: A Treatise on Economics, 1996

“"It's interesting to realise that in just the 19 years since the above passage was written, the average person now is walking around with devices -- many which fit in their pockets -- that combine the powers of radio, telephones, television sets, phonographs and tape-recorders, plus a library of books (audio and text), and instant access to a wealth of information through wireless internet."
~ Jim Nelson, 2015

“Battling my demons…”
Rod Liddle: The most fatuous phrases in the English language – UTOPIA – YOU ARE STANDING IN IT

No, religionists, your god doesn’t think abortion is murder …
What the Bible says about Abortion – SKEPTIC’S ANNOTATED BIBLE

“Pope math: Wealth is the Devil's Shit PLUS We must redistribute the wealth EQUALS …”
Wrong, Francis: Money is Not the "Devil's Dung" – PANAMPOST

Real Heroes: Frédéric Bastiat, “For those in France who love liberty, but even more so, for those who don't but should.”
Government Power Was His Mortal Enemy – Lawrence Reed, THE FREEMAN

[Hat tips, thanks to and quips from CatoTheYounger, Don Watkins, Politics and Humor, Steve Milloy, #NoViolentJihadDay,, Philip, Mises Institute, David Stockman, Stephen Hicks, Jeffrey Perren, Per-Olof Samuelsson, David Prichard, Mannkal Economic Education Foundation, Felix Mueller, Alex Epstein, spiked, Lukas Schroeter, Capitalists for Intellectual Property, Against Crony Capitalism]

And finally, be a postmodernist at your own risk

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