Sunday, 13 September 2015

Sunday Religious Reflection

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[Pic by Godless Utopia]


  1. I think this misses the point. While religious zealots may have done the dirty deed the motivation was nothing to do with proving Allah is real or not. It was a political statement because they are still pissed about the collapse of the Ottoman Empire among other things that brought the Islamic political control to a (temporary) halt. Bin Laden himself, apparently, said so.

    Islam is firstly political and the religious aspects are part of exercising political control.


  2. ISRAEL did 911 and those with brains and whom use logic, Objective cited scientific Data know it.

    Cresswell of course whom is a Faggot Jew along with his Faggot sewer dweller Perigo , will NEVER tell the Truth about 911.

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    1. You're amusing, for someone so unhinged. But we won't be linking to neo-Nazi sites here.

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