Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Get excited!

To all those who’ve asked me, YES, you can watch AFL on telly in NZ.

And just in time for finals!

I’m told that Sky NZ currently broadcasts one AFL match per week of the premiership season (though I’ve never heard of anyone finding when), including the upcoming finals series. And TVNZ has just signed up to broadcast up to three live games per week for the next two years, and a further two matches either live or delayed per week of the home and away season, all on the Freeview 13 channel.

And if like me you prefer watching online, there’s both WatchAFL (live games plus replays), and Smart Replay (free games on replay).

So get tuned in ready for the finals series, starting this Friday night! (Thank me later.)

Just make sure your fridge is fully stocked. With this game, you can’t afford to miss a second.

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