Monday, 31 August 2015

Even with a wide-angled lens…

…it looks good.

Photographer Andrew Pielage describes it:

The Living Room at Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin East in Winsconsin.
It's incredible how Mr. Wright can design one room that is both a comfortable place for a party and an intimate room for two. I have experienced both of these in the Living Room over the past week.

Luck chap,

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  1. Love it- Frank Lloyd Wright is a genius. One of the very few Architects that actually design homes that are good looking, functional & able to be lived in. Unlike that hopeless 'Famous' NZ architect Simon Carnachan.

    I have had the displeasure in living in one & looking at a number of his designs in Auckland. They all have outrageous design faults. Either they are cold, a rabbit warren, wasted space, badly situated kitchens, glass in the wrong place etc. The worst house was one in Laing's Beach which my Brother-in-law was repairing. The owner was a school friend of the owners, and this house (Bach) was the first to have the 'barn style' roof. What a mess. Apart from leaking (the barn roof didn't fully cover the building- anybody over 6 feet tall would hit either end of the ceiling The major design fault was that the bedrooms where detached from the main building! So, if it was raining you got wet going to bed- what a joke. If it was cold, you froze, if it was windy you got blown to pieces. The most stupid design ever. I would NEVER buy a Simon house- ever never!


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