Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Modern Critics of Keynes

Steven Kates is compiling a new book called Modern Critics of Keynes, a combined updated of and tribute to Henry Hazlitt’s much earlier and similar compilation Critics of Keynesian Economics, a confirmed classic. Problem is, says Kates, that there are hardly any critics today.

“These are economists who have each already written extensive critiques of Keynesian economics. If you can think of more than two, please add their names to the comments.”

Well, in no particular order, I can think of these folk... 

** JUAN RAMÓN RALLO: whose book, in Spanish is called: Los Errores de la Vieja Economía (The Failure of the Old Economics) -- in honour of Hazlitt's work The Failure of the 'New Economics'. Discussed here: http://pc.blogspot.co.nz/2013/02/the-errors-of-keynes.html
NB: Regarding translation, there are four economics students here in Auckland who studied in Spain under "Austrian" Jesús Huerta De Soto  ... ? 

** BRIAN SIMPSON: 'Keynes’s Theory of Depression: A Critique ' .


** ROBERT MURPHY: 'The Critical Flaw in Keynes's System' .

**HUNTER LEWIS: Book, Where Keynes Went Wrong. .

** JOSEPH SALERNO: ' "The Development of Keynes's Economics: From Marshall to Millennialism" https://mises.org/library/development-keyness-economics-marshall-millennialism * 'Keynes & the New Economics of Fascism.' https://mises.org/files/keynes-and-new-economics-fascism-joseph-t-salernomp3 .

** JOHN RIDPATH: 'Keynesianism & the Philosophical Overthrow of Gold' - mp3 .

** LAWRENCE WHITE: Relevant chapter[s] of his book, 'The Clash of Economic Ideas,' e.g., 'The Great Depression & Keynes's General Theory.' .


**  JOHN COCHRAN & FRED GLAHE: Book. 'The Hayek-Keynes Debate? Lessons for Current Business Cycle Research.' Edwin Mellen Press, 1999.

** J.G. HULSMANN: ' "New Keynesian monetary views: a comment." Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics 6.4 (2003): 73-76.

Any more you can think of?

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