Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Come and protest the rates rises!

You may have noticed that rates in Auckland are going up, up, up -- and then up again some more.

You may not have known however that there will be a public meeting next week to oppose the iniquitous rates increases ...


Grey Lynn resident Ray Calver is part of a group of concerned ratepayers organising the Auckland Rates Increases Public Meeting to be held next Wednesday, June 10. There is widespread anger at the imposition of an average 9.9% rates increases across Auckland. It particularly hurts those in poorer parts of Auckland where residents of Mangere face increases of 16.9%.

Mr. Calver says
The purpose of this meeting is to give Aucklanders an opportunity to voice their opposition to the increases and also to plan how they would like to make this opposition known. The meeting will be addressed by several speakers who have a variety of ideas on how ratepayers can take a stand against the Council’s rates plan.
The meeting will be held at Mt. Eden War Memorial Hall 487 Dominion Rd next Wednesday June 10, commencing at 7:30pm. Confirmed speakers are

•         Stephen Berry – Affordable Auckland Mayoral candidate
•         Cameron Brewer – Orakei Councillor
•         Jo Holmes – Auckland Ratepayer’s Alliance
•         Damien Light – United Future
•         Bill Raynor – Grey Power
•         David Seymour – Act Epsom MP
•         Penny Bright – Mayoral candidate

So come along and help start a reasoned protest against the unreasonable. "The meeting organisers and I look forward to hearing how those who have attended wish to proceed,”says Mr Calver.

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