Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Calling all Christchurch parents

imageMaria Montessori revolutionised childcare and education, and the graduates of Montessori schools fill the lists of the world’s great entrepreneurs and inventors. See:

Starting in September, Christchurch parents and teachers are being offered the chance to be introduced to her ideas that transform lives.

On 28 September the first ever AMI 3-6 Assistant’s Certificate course is organised to kick off in Christchurch – a two-week course.

This course is intended to help adults become able Assistants in a Montessori environment. It includes the philosophy … and some basic practical skills useful in the environment.

The AMI Assistant’s Course is the perfect in-depth introduction to the whole Montessori approach. AMI is the Association Montessori Internationale – Montessori’s Montessori organisation – so this is the real thing!

Philippa Romig from Switzerland is your trainer, and there is still time to register!

Click here for your registration details: Montessori Assistant's Certificate Course [pdf]

Register online by clicking here:


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