Monday, 30 March 2015

What an uneventful weekend

So nothing really happened over the weekend, did it.

Very uneventful altogether.

Nothing on. Completely tranquil.

Just your regular ordinary weekend with nothing special about. Nothing at all to see.

Not a single thing.



  1. Wasn't there some cricket on? Judging by the messages on Facebook of how proud everyone is of the Black caps I'd say they won.

  2. Cricket, you say? No, not familiar with it. Some sort of game, I understand.

  3. Not a thing happening here in Australia either; didn't hear a word of this cricket thing at all even while spending the afternoon drinking alledged beer at an Aussie sports-nutter's house. Obviously should spent the day at church. Suzuki

  4. Luigi, his smiling white teeth. As well you know PC the Nat warship has a major hole in its guts.
    The hole is just above water line. It will sink, and Luigi will see this in his life time . Every day PC I say to myself; how can a little man like me help our Country. My father said that also.

  5. Oh, you mean the Nats have another excuse not to bother doing anything about the RMA?

  6. Didn't hear anything about cricket, a game of it was played in Melbourne recently, apparently.
    Meanwhile, the locals are more interested in when the AFL season starts.

    B Whitehead

  7. @B Whitehead: Very sensible, those locals. And the answer is April 2nd -- or April 6th if you're a Geelong fan. What a shame it might start much later for 34 Essendon players.


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