Wednesday, 7 January 2015

A merry March

To give me a gentle start into 2015 blogging – and to help those of you currently enjoying computer and internet  access to catch up with things you might have missed here last year – I’m going to post some of the best posts from each month of last year.

So, today, these were NOT PC’s top few still relevant, or still pointed, posts for March last year…

  1. The end of Pax Americana has implications
    …the key point is that the US, particularly the Obama Administration (although Bush wimped out over Georgia) has withdrawn from the world.
        Putin effectively annexed two parts of Georgia, he frightened the US into not implementing a missile defence system in Poland and the Czech Republic (despite both countries being members of NATO and wanting it), and now he has taken part of Ukraine.
        China is watching because it wants to see what would happen if it took the Diaoyutai/Senkaku Islands, or the Spratlys and Paracels. It will see that for the next two years at least, the US is led by a President who will say a few words but do nothing. The implications for this will be considerable…
  2. 7 maps to help understand what’s happening in Ukraine
    “It's not just that Ukraine has two halves that predominantly speak different languages. They have different politics – and different visions for their country….”
  3. Ukraine: It’s the only news story this week
    There’s only one real news story this week, and it’s not the bumblings of David Cunliffe or the trial of a South African sprinter.
        The only story that matters is what Russia is doing in to the Ukraine, and what western “leaders” are doing in response.
        Not that any of them are obliged to respond. Few, if any, have any directly selfish reason for responding at all – but their reactions, or lack of them, betray the weakness that Putin obviously thought he could exploit.
        The weakness is everywhere…                                                                                         Cartoon by Nick Kim
  4. Just who exactly are all these taxpayers?
    Here’s a question to contemplate this morning: Just how many actual taxpayers do you think there are in New Zealand?
        You know who I mean, the brave souls actually paying for the whole dog and pony show, the ones keeping their brothers in milk and cream. Let’s see if a broad brush can deduce it down to the nearest dozen or so, eh?
  5. It’s time to put a stake through the heart of the RMA–and time a politician finally said that
    It’s taken twenty years for a mainstream politician to finally say this
  6. Big success with the big bang!
    This is what it looks like to see your life’s work vindicated…
  7. Will 3D Printing Change The World?
    Imagine you’re steaming across the Pacific Ocean on a container ship on a great circle course to the San Francisco sea buoy. The sea is confused and you’ve been running the ship’s slow speed diesel engine hard to meet your ETA. The vibration reverberating through the hull gently trembling you to sleep when, without warning, the sound stops.
        Minutes later, the Chief Engineer calls to inform you that the PLS Dosage Pump supply valve has failed and your ship is now dead in the water, a seriously overpriced pontoon, until you can get the part to fix it.
        As Captain, you don’t know what a PLS pump is but, from the grumpy tone of the chief’s voice, you are sure he doesn’t have a spare or any way of making the complicated part in the ship’s machine shop. Your shipment will be delayed, money and resources will be lost and the office will be calling soon on the satellite phone asking for answers.
        But what if you could make that replacement part yourself …
  8. “No more little children being dropped off by their mummies”
    Stop mummies taking a round trip twice a day, then our roads are that much less congested (ever noticed how much easier it is to drive around when schools are on holiday?) and everyone else’s trip becomes that much quicker.
        How did children end up being bubble-wrapped like this by their mummies … ?

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