Wednesday, 26 November 2014

“The Real Reason Ferguson Burns”

The Real Reason Ferguson Burns, by Michael Hurd

In the wake of the Missouri grand jury decision not to indict a white police officer for killing a black man, websites such as are offering commentaries under the heading of “Black Voices.”
    This title really struck me — as an indication of something wider and deeper that’s really, really wrong.
    What exactly is a “black” voice as opposed to a “white” voice, or any other non-black voice for that matter? Do black people think of their minds and reasoning process as specifically “black” reasoning?
    What if the Huffington Post titled a commentary section “white voices”? What kind of greeting do you think they’d receive? Of course, they’d never do such a thing because writing from the “white” perspective would seem (and would likely be) racist. It would imply that whites have their own way of looking at facts of reality, and perhaps (to some) it would insinuate that the “white” way of looking at things is the superior way.
    But we’re forgetting the definition of racism here…

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  1. Well what is is really about is Marxism, and blacks are merely a weapon in this, as were "the proletariat" in the run up to the October revolution. It is not about "black voices" whatsoever.

  2. A major issue issue at the heart of this is an on-going militarisation of the US domestic police force and its accelerating hostility and violent brutality towards certain members of the public. A second major issue is the collection of secret legalisms and judicial pantomines recently undertaken at the court-house leading to an inevitable decision not to go to trial.

    There is much more trouble brewing. Elements of it are related to race, but the main problem is the support for institutionalised violence throughout the US political system.


  3. An excellent article particularly the 'Clarence Thomas' part.

    The sole occasion when I was subjected to preposterous claims of racism it was by libertarians in Wellington (and enablers elsewhere) - Goode, Howison/s, Milmine (and other rubbish), and for the sole reason that in front of their friends, they needed to be seen to say "It's important no one thinks we are f___ing a___holes"

    Logic, truth, reason was less important than being seen to condemn something which didn't actually exist - and large dollops of deliberate sanctimony on top.

    Just recently all those exact same people people - and many others - were up to their old tricks when an ACT candidate quit claiming "I am not racist", in order to get a promotion at work; a thousand or so others (libertarians) all joined in to say "I support you, comrade; everybody needs to know what good people we are compared with those awful racists" haha!

    Funny to see which people will engage in lies, deceit, collectivism - at the drop of a hat; even funnier to see who nods their heads in agreement (lest anyone starts on them!) *wink*

    In a wider NZ context, whatever the arguments, the truth, the facts or other matters about Treaty issues - they don't matter because everybody will go to enormous lengths to be seen to support the Maoris - therefore opposition, or the 'One Law For All' concept, is a complete waste of time and lost cause. A bit sad, really.


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