Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Quote of the Day: Artist as revolutionary

Venus, Michael Newberry, 2008, oil on linen, 48 x 48 inches
Artist Michael Newberry painted that glorious nude, above. Venus. Inspired by "the feeling/image/theme…: a beautiful woman free to be, from the inside outwards."
Yesterday, he posted these cogent thoughts:
There is a lot crap going down worldwide: religious warfare, American fascism, unethical scientists promoting political agendas, educators that want government policy to rule young minds, instead of individual teachers and parents - I see so much stupid stuff going down and so few right answers it's painful. And when I ask what could I do about it, I realize that I am.
    Few of you will make the connection but the beautiful female (or male) nude in art is a symbol of individual freedom and happiness. That is one of the reasons that religions repudiate godlike nudes - if people are unique, happy, and free then religion or government have no hold on them.
    So instead of taking up arms, or political power, or infiltrating teachers unions I paint about freedom. I have a hope that brilliant individuals will move obstacles out of their way, not take any shit from anybody or government, and will and continue to reach their outer reaches of fulfilment - and in doing so will become examples to others about what a well lived life looks like.


  1. Jesus that's awful. Derivative kitsch is a style now?

  2. It's not a painting, I would hang on the wall at home, it comes across as too pornographic, but I do appreciate the deeper meaning of it.

    B. Whitehead

  3. Dare I say it, but you're both illustrating Michael's point...

  4. Well, I like it. The rest of you must have rocks in your heads if you don't. What the hell is wrong with you?


  5. There are a multitude of far better examples of nudes over the last 6 centuries across several genres (is highly stylised photo-realism a genre?), a bit of wank about "freedom" notwithstanding.


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