Thursday, 8 May 2014

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Getting Ready for Budget Week, 1

"There is always good and sufficient reason for more and more taxes.
    Solomon's temple, the roads of Rome, the rearing of 'infant industries,'
military preparedness, the regulation of morals, the improvement of the
'general welfare'--all call for drafts on the marketplace, and the
end-product of each draft is an increase in the power of the State. Some
of the appropriations seep through to some members of Society,
thus satisfying the something-for-nothing urge, at least temporarily,
and so stimulate a disposition to tolerate the institution and to obliterate
understanding of its predatory character. Until the State reaches
its ultimate objective, absolutism, its answer to tax-grumbling is that
the 'other fellow' pays all the levies and that seems to satisfy"

-- Frank Chodorov, from his book The Rise and Fall of Society

[Hat tip Lawrence Reed]

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  1. There is never a good and sufficient reason for more and more taxes.


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