Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Darwin doodlings, and more…

You might have missed last week’s Darwin Day, an annual celebration of the great man and his work, but did you know that most of Darwin’s manuscripts can be found online at Darwin Online? True story.

Richard Dawkins points out that one of the neat things about many of the original, and valuable, manuscript pages is that his children were apparently allowed to drew all over them, like in this battle of the fruit and vegetable soldiers  drawn on the back of one of the original manuscript pages for The Origins of the Species


And since we missed Darwin Day, perhaps we should issue a belated, and ironic, Darwin Award. There is surely no more deserving recipient than National Geographic’s 'Snake Salvation' TV Star Pastor Jamie Coots, who came to fame and fortune by leading congregations and TV viewers that their faith in Jesus would save them from snakes’ venom.

His faith went unrequited. He died on Saturday after being bitten by a snake and refusing medical treatment.

[Hat tips Richard Dawkins & Jim Matzger]

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