Wednesday, 29 January 2014

They say the climate’s “changing” … [updated]

It’s no longer about “global warming,” they say, it’s now all about climate change.

Global warming, they say, is causing the climate to change extremely. We are going to have hotter summers and colder winters, they say.  We’re having them now, they say.  It’s hotter (and colder) than it’s ever been, they say.

Is it?

Here’s a map showing the hottest and coldest recorded temperatures on your favourite continent.  Fact: there have been No New Continent ‘Hottest’ Temperature Records Since 1978.

Looks like the more things change, the more they stay the same.

UPDATE: Ultra-warmist ‘Bill Nye the Science Guy’ debates Climate Depot’s Marc Morano on climate change …

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  1. The key point is that the global warming guy, he does not want to suppress the developing world. He admits that his agenda isn't to limit the actual amount of energy consumed, just give the people in the developed world less and less of it. He is about forcing people to do what he likes, to do what his aesthetic preferences are. If anyone disagrees he will surely accept that they need to have violence put on them. He needs to be despised for his malevolence.



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