Monday, 20 January 2014

“Aucklanders Give a Hoot – Len Brown Should Get the Boot”

I still maintain that a lame duck Auckland mayor is the very best outcome for all Aucklanders – given what an Auckland mayor could do with the powers Rodney Hide gave him, if he thought he had popular support behind him. Stephen Berry from Affordable Auckland figures otherwise, however, this short Guest Post …

Auckland mayor Len Brown says Aucklanders generally "don't give much of a hoot" about his battles over the last few months.

The people of Auckland do give a hoot about your disgraceful conduct Len. And in 34 days, The Len Brown Stand Down March will show you just how much of a hoot Aucklanders give,” says Affordable Auckland’s Stephen Berry. The Len Brown Stand Down March will start at noon from QE2 Square in Britomart on Saturday February 22.

If he is receiving unanimous feedback that Aucklanders don’t care about his scandalous behaviour, then Brown must have another “bevy of heavies” vetting people before they get to talk to him.

The feedback I’ve been getting is certainly not unanimous, but the overwhelming majority say that it is time for Len Brown to go. This is backed by most opinion polls on the matter, which show large majorities in favour of Len Brown’s resignation.

In dismissing the widespread discomfort caused by his behaviour and insistence at remaining Mayor of Auckland, Brown is being naïve at best, and at worst extremely arrogant.

He can spin, bluff and bluster all he likes. The majority of Aucklanders are disgusted by his behaviour and he is completely aware of that fact. I invite him to address next month’s march to get a more accurate picture of the way Aucklanders really feel.

Stephen001Stephen Berry is the leader of the Affordable Auckland movement, and the third-highest polling mayoral candidate in last year’s Auckland election.
He invites you to join him on Saturday February 22 at the
Len Brown Stand Down March.

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