Monday, 11 November 2013

A disaster

The disaster in the Philippines seems impossible to put into perspective. Thomas Lumley at Stats Chat tries:

There are reports that as many as 10,000 people may have died on the Philippine island of Leyte on Friday, drowned in the storm surge or killed by collapsing buildings.
    Leyte is roughly comparable in size and population to the Auckland Region (about 40% larger). Fewer than 8000 people died in Auckland in all of 2012.
    A disaster.

That is a telling understatement.

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  1. Here is a message that my Sister-in-law, who is originally from the Philippines, and used to work for BPI (Bank of the Philippine Islands) received from a friend who is in Tacloban. It sounds horrendous.

    To my family and loved ones, Conrado Lumbre, Abella Salabao, Ranissa Daan, Rj Piezon, please know that I survived!!! I can't explain for now, but the situation here is in total desolation. We're queueing up for long hrs just to be able to post. Everything is in total desolation. 99 percent is a loss for Tacloban. No electricity, no water, no communication and land transportation.

    Manoy, please look out for mama, papa, wilfred and the rest of the family back home. I can't go home. We are trapped in Tacloban. Im doing my best to survive. Manoy, please look out nila mama. We are still surviving. Most people are ransacking the stores already just to get food and anything. It's survival of the fittest. It's like end-of-the-world movies.

    To my otp family 126, and the rest of BPI OFficers and Staff, please relay this to Ma'am Nabbie, Sir Sidney, Sir Danny, etc. WE BADLY NEED YOUR HELP!! We don't know on the coming days. Some people already ransacked some banks.

    BPI Family, we need your rescue!! FOOD, WATER, MEDICINE, MATS, and other necessities. Please exert your bestest efforts to reach to us. C130, or any private planes.

    PLEASE SEE US AT BPI TACLOBAN ROMUALDEZ BRANCH. cor. Jusytice Romuladez and del Pilar Streets., Tacloban City. Please help us the soonest soonest time possible.

    I can't reply and read your messages anymore. I'm trembling as of this writing. Please continue to pray for us. Please share this post as many as you can. THanks


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