Wednesday, 16 October 2013

No Comment

There will be no comment here on the only news anyone wants to talk about today.

I'm utterly uninterested in what Len Brown did in the (relative) privacy of the Ngati Whatua Room. Because it's not who he screws in private that worries me. What worries me is him screwing over Auckland ratepayers every day right out in the open.

How about we focus on that?


  1. Very rarely agree with much on this blog, but this is one issue where we have common ground.

    far too much emphasis is placed on who does what with their "bits" rather than how they perform in the role they hold. Brown can fuck who who wants, when he wants, as long as it is consensual and I don't care as long as he is a great Mayor. ANd as you say, that is the bit that needs examining.

  2. I agree that how he performs is the most important issue but I disagree this affair is not an issue per se - personal behaviour always matters. How people respond to "mistakes" that hurt those they profess to care about is a key component in a man's character for me. We can draw the line of tolerance at different levels but fundamentally it does matter.

    Hitler had the trains running on time and just look at the autobahns.


  3. Good point '3:16', although what Len does in his private life is none of our business, it is a reflection of his character & that illustrates how he is likely to operate on a professional basis.

    Even without the latest revelations, there was something underhand about his character I couldn't put my finger on.

    He has now betrayed his family badly & I feel very sorry for them.

    I presume he is capable in his role as mayor, but that doesn't mean I agree with his policies or the direction that he is taking Auckland . (I voted for Affordable Auckland)

    It would make a nice change to have a council that looked after core activities only & bugger all else.


  4. Indeed. It's not about where he waved his wang, but a) whose time and dollar he did the wang-waving on and b) whether he'd have been mayor if voters had been aware of the wang-waving in advance.

    The answers are, I suspect, "ratepayers" and "no" in that order. So while I don't give a rats about the sordid details, if I were an Auckland ratepayer or voter, I'd be mighty ticked off about now.

  5. I think the cheating is the most important issue; if he is happy to betray those closest to him what else does he lie about?

    Unfortunately for Mr Brown he doesn't have a Senate seat from New York to shunt his wife into to avoid a messy divorce hahahahaha!!

    As someone who has had sex with a substantial number of people - (and no, I am not going to tell you the exact number because it is either pretty impressive or shocking, depending on your point of view) - over the last 20-something years, I think if you turn over a new leaf and decide to be faithful to one person, and marry them, you need to stick to it; treachery can never be forgiven.

    I think Mrs Brown should take him to the cleaners show there are 'no hard feelings' HAHAHAHA!!!

  6. I'd rather pay the guy to do nothing than have him do want he wants to the city for free. And the underhand thing about his character that B Whitehead mentioned was probably something to do with him pinching ratepayer money for personal expenses when he was mayor of North Shore or wherever he came from.

  7. Although we are all used to dirty self serving politicians. It doesn't make that behavior OK. I too don't care who he fucked and how. What he did was cheating the Auckland voter. No way he would be voted in had the story broken earlier.

  8. Is it me, or is there something sexist, racist, and ignorant in referring to a Chinese woman as "my geisha"?

    Surely the Ethnic Peoples Advisory Panel, if they're good for anything, could have informed the mayor that his mistress would be better referred to as "my Yiji".

    And, isn't there also something racist about the Advisory Panel name? Isn't "Ethnic People" oblique for "Them Other Lot" - the key qualifying criteria being "not white"?

    The last time I had to communicate with someone outside of my tribe I think I did quite well without any help at all. Hell, I almost got the impression they were just like me.

  9. What Len Brown does in his private time is of absolutely no concern to me whatsoever.
    What he does in the town hall however concerns me very much.
    If I engage in physical relations in my workplace I'd lose my job. Shouldn't the Mayor be held to a similar standard?

  10. @Stephen, Normally I would agree with you. But there's ample evidence that's right out in the open of him fucking Aucklanders over, without needing to sniff drainpipes to get the evidence.

    Frankly, the more time he's not sitting behind his desk with his pen in his hand, the better. Because it's his pen, and what he signs with it, that's doing the real damage.

  11. @Peter you're not worried he might wield his pen (snigger...ahem...sorry) more often and more drastically in order to attract more of the types who are attracted to power?

  12. The point is, he marketed himself as a Christian family man while having not just a one-off affair, but a 2 year one. Then he had the nerve to drag his family along for his latest public appearances for re-election, even after they found out and knew it was a sham public image.

    He misused his power as Mayor and even had sex in the council building during working hours, which would get anyone else fired.

    Len was definitely in the Wong


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