Wednesday, 10 April 2013

What economics can teach philosophers


This week, our friends at the Auckland University Economics Group have a special invitation out to philosophers…

Hi all,
    This Thursday we continue our discussion of what philosophy has to teach economics, and vice versa.
    Last week we looked at what economics takes from the “philosophic tree”—and what it allows economics to do.
    This week we complete the overview by talking about the important lesson that economics gives back to the “tree”: a conclusion, taught and confirmed by economic thinking, that social philosophers would do well to understand.
    This is truly the most important lesson economics can teach—important in a far wider sense than even most economists care to know.
Come along and discuss why economics need not be the dismal science, but the demonstration instead of something altogether more miraculous!

    Date: Thursday, April 11
    Time: 6-7pm
   Location: Room 215, Level Two, Owen G. Glenn Business School, 22 Grafton Rd, Auckland

Look forward to seeing you there!

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