Wednesday, 3 April 2013

So why’s everyone so interested in someone else’s marriage?


  1. No, it's more like someone on a diet wanting to change the description of "salad" to "fried chicken".

  2. No one's forcing you to eat at their kitchen.

  3. I think you'll find they want to eat my chicken.

  4. sorry, I thought you put: No one's forcing you to eat their chicken.

  5. Not all marriages are equal, a civil union is not the same as a common law (de jure) marriage. Common law marriages are important when it comes to protection and inheritance of real property.

  6. True I don't have to eat at their kitchen, but it will be more than a little weird serving a Ceasar Fried Chicken out of mine.

  7. What bollocks. If gay marriage is against a relious position that is simply a matter of fact (or not). If it is a fact the gays simply can't have the religious part offered by that particular religion.

    I suspect that won't be enough for some who will have to insist on having what they can't no matter how crappy that makes the special day. Being abnoxious to someone they have no respect for will be worth the effort. Some people are like that.


  8. @Anonymous 3:44: Serve whatever you like in your kitchen. It has no bearing on what's cooking in yours. And vice versa.

    @Anonymous 3:16: I thought one of the points of religion is that Nothing in religion is a matter of fact. (Cheap shot, yes, I know.)

    Presuming your point is that some gay folk might like to get married in a church, surely that's a matter for the couple and that church.

    I don't see it's any business of yours.


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