Thursday, 18 April 2013

Reality imitates art

After the bill was passed last night legalising gay marriage, this was posted at satire site The Civilian:

imageMarriage Destroyed Forever
The institution of marriage was destroyed forever this evening after Parliament voted overwhelmingly to make it more widely available and redefine it as a consensual, loving relationship between any two people.
    The Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill, written by Labour MP Louisa Wall, aimed to destroy marriage by making it more common and allowing it to be partaken in by two members of the same sex. It passed its third reading in the House of Representatives tonight by a vote of 77 to 44.
    Loud celebrations were heard in the public gallery and throughout the halls of Parliament as the final votes to destroy marriage were tallied… But while Parliament celebrated, many heterosexual New Zealanders across the country were upset to learn that their years-old nuptials had been utterly destroyed and made irrelevant.

Amusing, but not especially funny. Not at least until you read Lucyna Marie at the NZ Conservative blog, posting this not as satire but as genuine commentary:

Well, They’ve Done It!
Marriage no longer exists legally in New Zealand. We just have an un-dead corpse hanging around.

With commentary of that quality, you get some sense now why the vote for Lucyna’s position was so underwhelming.

And why social conservatives are increasingly irrelevant.

PS: Has your marriage been destroyed by the gays? Check on this convenient website:


  1. Has your marriage been destroyed by the gays?

    With questions of that quality passing for reason, you get some sense now why the vote in favour last night was a victory for stupidity everywhere and why social progressives are increasingly irrelevant. In my world at least.

  2. You don't really get satire, do you, Conbot.


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