Wednesday, 10 April 2013

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Giving a bugger

“Key’s announcement that he plans to respond to the GCSB’s habit of
illegally spying on New Zealanders by
making it legal for them to spy on
New Zealanders
is the same as National’s previous response when the
police were caught illegally spying on New Zealanders. No one gets held
accountable, and the law is changed to enable the previously illegal activity.
    “The message to government agencies – that they can break the law and
violate people’s rights with impunity because the government will never
prosecute them and will rewrite the law to whatever they want if they get
caught – doesn’t seem very compatible with National’s nominal values of  
freedom, responsibility and limiting the power of the state over individuals.”
                  - Danyl, DIM POST


  1. If it involves re-writing law then they should put Double Dutch Dynhoven in charge.


  2. The state agency has provided employment to dozens of people who, had the agency had followed the law, would have been out of a job.

    Further the illegal spying has stimulated the economy with its large budget to spend in the wider NZ economy in the areas of electronics, computers and pornography.

    To single out GCSB for mission creep and empire building is unfair as all government departments engage in these activities.

  3. NZ's civil system is based an fraud, nothing good ever came from it and nothing good ever will.

    The fraud involves lying about the nature of law and the legal status of people.

    The remedy is to revert to the law of the land which is the true common law, and to reject the hollow tradition of parliament.


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