Wednesday, 3 April 2013

DOWN TO THE DOCTOR’S: ‘Daily Telegraph’ openly promoting Libz Party policy

_McGrath001This week, Libertarianz leader Dr Richard McGrath is coming back a week early just to boast.

See, I promised I'd be back within a week!

Why so soon? Because, as per the headline, a leading British newspaper has taken on board a Libertarianz policy--that the poor shouldn't be paying any tax—and we're proud of the Telegraph for doing so.

Oddly, it seems the only Britons against the idea of tax cuts for the poor are ... yes, you guessed it: The Guardian and their left-wing readers.

For pity's sake. Who would have thought it? The champagne socialist left-wing media mouthpiece oppose giving tax cuts to the less well-off! But as Ed West so rightly points out in the Telegraph, it's because the left think the poor should only be able to increase their income if it comes via soul-destroying hand-outs. And that's because (according to the Guardian) the State should exert total control over all income; because it should dictate the income of everyone—particularly the poor, who parties bribe for votes by keeping them on a raft of benefits in order to keep them oh so grateful for a turn on Nanny State's tit.  (For reference, see Helen Clark’s ‘Welfare or Working Families’ and Michael Cullen’s ‘Zero Interest Rates for Student Loans’ election bribes.)

Anyway, I and my beloved are still here in Bangkok, and tonight we visited Tim, a mate from Masterton, who is manager at the best pub in the Silom district: Molly Malones, a name dear to the heart of anyone with Irish ancestry, a love of Guinness, or both. Anyway, we talked and talked and eventually talked about tax (as you do) whereupon he reminded me that the Thais themselves enjoy fairly liberal income tax rates:

   NZD 0 - 6,055                                               tax free band
   NZD 6,055 - 20,185                                     10%
   NZD 20,185 - 40,370                                  20%
   NZD 40,370 - 161,480                               30%
   NZD 161,480+                                               37%
   VAT (i.e. GST)                                                  7.7%

Whereas, in New Zealand, thanks to Michael Cullen and his virtually identical protégé Bill English:

   NZD 0 - 14.000                                                10.5%
   NZD 14,000 - 48,000                                    17.5%
   NZD 48.000 - 70,000                                   30%
   NZD 70,000+                                                  33%
   Penalty for being employed ("ACC levy")  1.7%    
   GST                                                                      15%  

Which made me want to compare both with the proposed fully-costed Libertarianz transitional tax rate:

   NZD 0 - 50,000                                             tax-free
   NZD 50,000+                                                15%
   GST                                                                   abolished

So, for Joe Hardworker earning $40k, which is about the median wage in New Zealand (and well above what Nok Taxpayer might be earning in Thailand) , let’s compare how much is taken out of their pay packet:

   Net theft in Thailand is                                                                   NZD 5,376
   Net theft in NZ under National-led government is                NZD 6,700
   Net theft in NZ under a Libz-led government would be        NZD 0 *

So where would you rather work?

See ya next week! 

Richard McGrath
Leader, Libertarianz Party

* with no GST, and individuals left free to decide on level of disability insurance in a competitive market.

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