Monday, 15 April 2013

DOWN TO THE DOCTOR: Monckton magnificent in Manawatu

Official photo for Not PCThis week, Libertarianz leader Dr Richard McGrath has been listening to a tourist.

For those who have not yet heard Christopher Monckton in person, currently barnstorming the country on his Climate of Freedom Tour, you still have a chance to make one of his remaining meetings.

I can assure readers they will not be disappointed. Yesterday I traversed the Pahiatua Track to Palmerston North, where sixty of us—including local Libz member and list candidate Chris Robertson, and former Libz candidate Lyn Charlton-- listened to a very polished and convincing address. Shortly before, we had been redirected to a hastily arranged alternative venue at the Anglican church hall, the original site at the Masonic Hall having been double booked. As Alexander Jablokov said, the road to truth is long, and lined the entire way with annoying bastards. But we got there eventually, and it was well worth the extra effort. 

Monckton graphsLord Monckton took us through the IPCC reports that have long forecast doom and gloom, but which observation and science have since proven to be mistaken, exaggerated and at times based on fraudulent manipulation of statistics. Unlike much that emanates from the doomsayers of the global warming cult, Lord Monckton's authoritative arguments are founded in science and reason, and the audience were spellbound by his 90-minute address which was in turn humorous, shocking, educational and entertaining.

As this former adviser to the late Margaret Thatcher told us, in February railway engineer and IPCC head honcho Pachauri finally had to admit that there has been no global warming for the past 17 years. Now there's one in the eye for anyone who claims it isn't so—the Emperor himself has admitted it. And as our speaker pointed out, how very few (if any) of us learned of this through the mainstream media.

But he saved the best until last. With very little prompting during a short time at the end for questions, Monckton launched into the environmentalist/Green movements with an all-out attack worthy of the Libertarianz Party, noting their perversion into agents of international Marxism. His traffic light metaphor was a beauty—characterising those determined to lower everyone's standard of living because of non-existent man-made climate catastrophe as greens who are too yellow to admit they're reds! He advocates freedom, economic growth and prosperity rather than "grim, puritanical regulation and control" as a recipe for addressing environmental issues in the long run.

I urge anyone who has an interest in the science of climate change, and who wants to listen to an expert debunking the bullshit of Al Gore and the adherents of his ghastly religion, to attend one or more of Monckton's unforgettable shows. 

And it will be interesting indeed to follow the political progress of Christopher Monckton in his role as as leader of the UK Independence Party in Scotland.

See ya next week!
Doc McGrath
Libertarianz Party Leader


  1. I didn't know that Monckton was the UKIP leader in Scotland!
    Good stuff!

    Gee, UKIP have got some EXCELLENT MPs. Farage and Monckton - any freedom-loving political party would do *anything* to have such straight-talking no-BS guys.

  2. This is the best Monckton clip on youtube

  3. Attended his lecture in New Plymouth tonight, I estimate about 100, no anti's at all. More than well worth going to, especially the commy politicians quote. Enjoyed the whole time, went over time a bit, but no one minded as the questions kept comming.


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