Thursday, 18 April 2013

ANZAC AFL [updated]

Anzac Day next week in Wellington represents a significant milestone in Australia-New Zealand sporting relations: the first time AFL teams play for points outside Australia.

The world’s most libertarian sport is “a fast paced, high scoring contact sport requiring a blend of speed, power, strength and skill, which will certainly appeal to all New Zealanders. It is the most watched sport on Australian television … it can be a difficult game to explain to those new to it, far better to show you!”

AFL is  best seen live, and this is every NZer’s chance.  Saint Kilda reckons they’ll have plenty of fans there, and there will be more than a few Sydney Swans fans—and one Canadian Swan, Mike Pyke, who once scored a try against the All Blacks.

His Swans’ teammate Adam Goodes has become a big fan of rugby, and the All Blacks.

"You grow to enjoy it - not so much the success of the All Blacks - but to have a team, with all the games they've played, and have a winning percentage of 80 per cent plus is ridiculous."

For more news and information about the 2013 ANZAC day game, which has a 5pm international curtain-raiser between the New Zealand Hawks and a South Pacific selection, click here.

For Ticketing information, click here.

And keep up on news with NZAFL on Twitter:

UPDATE: 19,500 seats sold, and record bookings for Wellington’s hotels.

With just four to go until the ANZAC Day game between St Kilda and Sydney at Westpac Stadium in Wellington AFLNZ CEO Rob Vanstam and AFLNZ Board Member and former New Zealand Falcon Tim Stevens were guests on Radio Sport with Murray Deaker yesterday. Deaker also speaks with AFL International Manager Tony Woods.

Links to the interview here:


  1. Sean Fitzpatrick24 Apr 2013, 10:11:00

    I will be there :) You coming down, PC?

  2. Sean Fitzpatrick24 Apr 2013, 10:34:00

    I will be there :) You coming down, PC?

  3. Aye, be down there this avo (Wednesday). Intend to haunt the Fork and Brewer for a while.


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