Wednesday, 5 May 2010

The Rise and Fall of Hope and Change


Do yourself a favour, and click on this link here to see the full-size, fully-interactive image--Move your cursor over heads of the people in the image, for example, and you can find out salacious details appropriate to the vermin depicted.

Like Edward Cline, I don’t normally enjoy seeing great art cheapened for polemic purposes, but this time it has a suitable and appropriate purpose.

    “In it one encounters a broad statement that encapsulates the character and destiny of his whole administration, which is fated to be a one-term wonder. It is called ‘The Rise and Fall of Hope and Change,’ and is an alteration of French artist Thomas Couture’s finely detailed and lively fresco, “The Romans During the Decadence” (1847). ‘Rise and Fall’ captures the literal orgy of the mindless and drunken character of the current Washington regime in a way no other poster art about Obama has. Coulture’s painting hangs in the Musée d'Orsay, Paris. . . .
    “Is the painting offensive to Obama or to his loyal admirers? Perhaps. It concretizes -- relying on artistic skills no longer evident in our culture -- the essential corruption and brazen insouciance of Obama and his extraordinarily large clique of office-holders and allies in Congress and in the mainstream media. This clique has been successful in abrogating the Constitution and violating the individual rights of Americans at home and abroad (re the concerted hunt by the Treasury Department for ‘illegal’ offshore wealth and bringing American expatriates to ‘justice’). Offending Obama and his “believers in change,“ however, is far less important than distilling and expressing the anger of all who have been offended and, hurt and condemned by him and his clique.

The circus around Obama is of a piece with the circus of freeloading meddlers around Franklin Roosevelt—and in Rome at the the time of its decline.

This captures that.

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