Tuesday, 27 April 2010

BoobQuake: Who says science has to be boring?

BoobQuake Today in the States is the day for science like you’ve never seen.

To test the claim of an Iranian cleric that women who wear immodest clothing and behave promiscuously are to blame for earthquakes, women across the States have pledged to dress immodestly in a bid to test the first part of the hypothesis, if not yet the second.

Started by blogger Jen McReight at Blag Hag who pledged to “offer my boobs to science,” it seems the experiment has already yielded what organiser McReight calls “statistically insignificant” ground movement in Taiwan.

Keep up with the experiment at its Facebook page, on Flickr, and on Twitter with the the tag #BoobQuake tag.

This is important work, people.  You wouldn’t want to miss a tremor.

Meanwhile, from the Irony Room:


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  1. On reflection, the loon might have something there. After all, if a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil can cause a tornado in Kansas...

    Somehow, though, I don't think that guy was basing his assertion on a careful analysis of non-linear partial differential equations and the sensitivity of dynamics to uncertainty in initial conditions.

    Just a guess, of course, but I think I'm on safe ground, here. (At least until the ground starts cracking underneath me.)

  2. Jeff

    "After all, if a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil can cause a tornado in Kansas."

    Except it can't.

    Never has.

    Never will.

    The idea is an artifact generated by people who spend too much time worshipping their algebraic scribbles.

    You are likely correct about the loon's analysis though.


  3. There was a guy I knew (since died unfortunately) who used to call out to pretty women at the bar. He'd offer them $50 to show their boobs. He'd routinely go through several hundred dollars an evening without complaint. When asked about the expense of this routine, he responded thus, "Oh, I've had my money's worth, but, by God, there are some unhelpful wenches about." Wonder if he'd been the cause of any earthquakes...


  4. I see Jeff's point.

    Scantily clad women may lead to an increase in certain "recreational activities" which may in turn cause the world to shake.

    Sort of like the "If all chinese people jump at the same time" theory

  5. Big boobs don't it for me. I prefer my women to have average size or smaller ones, because they're more enjoyable to play with than big ones. Anyway, that's just my opinion and it is not scientific. If anyone knows any scientific studies that showed big boobs are more fun than smaller ones, then please direct us to that link.

  6. Normal Size Boobs28 Apr 2010, 08:00:00

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