Tuesday, 7 April 2009

One man who won't be voting National again

Who? Barnsley Bill,  that's who:

If Michal Cullen is good enough to be given a highly paid job by the government we elected to remove him, then why the fuck did we bother voting for National in the first place?

If I'd voted Tory, I'd sure as hell want to know too.  Although perhaps the correct question is, why in Galt's name did you vote National in the first place?


  1. NatSupporter Turned ActSupporter7 Apr 2009, 17:11:00

    I won't be voting National but I will vote for Nikki Kaye again comes the next election.

  2. National and Labour are embodiments of the same thing. The National-Labour coalition has ruled NZ for many decades. Of course they look after each other. To expect otherwise is stupidity!


  3. My TV almost ended up as a pile of scrap this evening when they showed archive footage of that arsehole saying "You say 8.5 billion dollar surplus and still no tax cuts? So? What's the connection."

  4. It's all about power, they respect each other basically. Cuddling the middle muddle ground of mediocrity.

  5. Sean Fitzpatrick8 Apr 2009, 09:05:00

    I think ACT will do well in 2011. In 05 they did needlessly badly because the media had written them off and Brash had pulled the Nat's to the right - stealing their thunder. Next time around they will regain even more of their old support from those annoyed at the beige policies of the Key led Nats. Libz will probably pick up a few as well.

  6. If John Key can exclude Roger Douglas from the 2008 cabinet table does this mean Rodney Hide can exclude John Key in 2011?

  7. Better in that high paying job than the one in Parliament where he can foul up the system with his pomposity - as he did yesterday in QFOA.

    In Post he'll be well out of the way, interfering in a business with no real impact on the country and trying to show everyone how much he knows about banking (SFA). Good riddance is my view, and gud on Jon for putting him where he can't do any harm.


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