Thursday, 2 October 2008

Outraged, of Tunbridge Wells

Cactus just insulted me. She called me a "centre-right" blogger.

I'm outraged. "There is no higher insult!" [See Rection E., 'Harden Up,' ed. Woody H.O., Feb. 1998]. I fancy pistols at dawn.

Apparently there's such a thing as "a centre-right blogosphere." People subscribe to that slop. Fancy people trying to make the world safe for the centre-right! What sort of people would waste their life on such an enterprise?

Soft cocks.


  1. centre-right apparently meaning those who want to stop Labour making things worse.

    and then outdo them on state involvement in telecommunications, roads, etc.

  2. Cactus has been a bit naughty here. The problem with misidentifying PC as "centre-right" is that it is an example of the perpetuation of the myth that all political, cultural and social ideas fall within the left-right paradigm. The implication is that there is no alternative to being lorded over by one gang or another- left gang or right gang. The alternative of freedom from this thuggery is not considered.

    This left-right nonsense is known as a false choice. Avoid falling for it.


  3. Love the reference to the fictional letter thingy! ha ha!

    Goodness knows what 'Centre Right' is meant to mean; does that mean you favour cutting income taxes from 39% to 36%, whereas a 'Right winger' would cut it to 30%? or 28.7%? and is an income tax rate of 25% getting into 'Extreme Right Wing' territory?!?!

    Or what about Health; does Centre Right mean you continue with free Doctor visits for children under 5, but a right wing if you reduced that to 4, and extreme right wing when you abolish it and give the parents a tax cut to pay the Doctor with?!?!


  4. After attending the first of the Maxim Institute's election debates last night, it's clear that there's only ACT who talk *some* sense (shame it's not across the board) and the left.

    That's all.

  5. The problem with misidentifying PC as "centre-right" is that it is an example of the perpetuation of the myth that all political, cultural and social ideas fall within the left-right paradigm

    And also that everybody is "centre". Why is it always "centre-left" and "centre-right" in the mainstream media? What we have is actually pretty much just "left"; maybe ACT is "centre"-ish...

  6. Well, if they're neither right nor left, they must be centre. Kate has been generous.

  7. lgm


    Red baiter

    For once you make sense.

    There are two tags in NZ politics. centre-right and centre-left. No centre. No right. No left.

    Could explain why we still face the prospect of a terrible Labour led government on Nov 9th or a terrible National led government that still does nothing right of the centre.

  8. You one-dimensional folk can't even see the real world past your one-dimensional spectrum.

    What explains Labour and Labour-lite is nothing more than a Labour government wanting four terms desperately trying not to frighten the horses too much, and typical Tory appeasers who don't want to frighten the horses at all.

    Oh, and a party that rates themselves as something different, but who pissed away their opportunities on sequins and scandal-mongering.

  9. BTW, there is more to the political landscape than just left and right and centre. Open your bleeding eyes.

  10. Cactus

    As stated, you've made a mistake (and now you are continuing to make it- you should stop). PC does not fit into your charmless left-righ spectrum. It offers a false choice.


  11. Redbait

    Answer. Is it true you still beat children?

    yes, all the time;
    yes, sometimes;
    yes, but not as much as previously;
    yes, but not any more;
    no, used to but not any more;
    no, not as much as before;
    no, not beating, these days it's abuse.

    No other answers are allowed save those on the spectrum outlined above.

    This is known as offerring false choice.



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