Wednesday 29 October 2008

Greens: Vote for [.........]?


The Greens invite you to make up your own Green billboards, and it's as easy as falling off a manifesto.  Just head here, and start clicking. [Hat tip MikeE]

And since a vote for the Greens is undeniably a vote to impoverish future generations (and this one) why not make up some more honest Green billboards than their present soft soap.

Here's one if you think they're just dumb instead of dangerous:

Here's one for Vlad worshipper Russel Norman :

Here's a couple for the rank and file:


For all the Green supporters of the Urewera 16:

And here's one for "former" Maoist Sue Bradford:

And for "population control" enthusiast Metiria Turei, here's one straight from her political mentors at China's One-Child propaganda ministry:

And another from her spiritual mentors at the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement:

And finally, here's one for old Keith Locke, that hero of socialist foreign policy, who once wrote a lead article for Socialist Action under the banner heading: "Cambodia Liberated: Victory For Humanity" The "liberators" were of course the murderous Khmer Rouge led by the infamous Pol Pot...


Head on over and make up a few signs of your own...


Anonymous said...

The greens are explicity evil. They make no secret of their anti-human desires.

Anonymous said...

Of course we are anti-human Sebastian. But I would hardly call restoring mother Gaia to her orginal and natural glory is evil. You just need to accept that human life is a cancer apon the planet. This cancer must be removed one cell at a time!

deleted said...

Deep green, why don't you start with yoruself?

Elijah Lineberry said...

The Greens are funny chaps; the sorts of people who called 'Kevin' or 'Gary' and live in Glenfield.

Rather bizarre to think such a thing would be aspired to...

(and according to Tim Shadbolt, Ray Smith, Kofi Annan and several hundred others Sue Kedgely is a lousy lay)

Anonymous said...

To be fair, population controls and VHEMT have nothing in common. In terms of goals: even some population, controlled or not is too much for an extinctionist. In terms of methods: controls aren't voluntary.

Libertyscott said...

Aww I did it when I was drunk very late and they didn't like them - unsurprisingly. I'll have to send them on :)

Anonymous said...

I put up a picture of Mars with the tagline 'Stop Martian Warming' and the dumbarses sent me an email saying they put it up although it seems to have gone now

Anonymous said...

I've done a couple of my own posters, the Green pond scum are welcome to use them:

Deep Green: if you do not lead by example and kill yourself forthwith (first arranging to be buried in a bag made of unbleached cotton, with no embalming) I must conclude that you do not believe what you preach.

For the record I do not condone suicide, although a misanthropic green world view is one of those that does tend to lead people to suicidal self-centredness.

Anonymous said...

I am rather disappointed. Deep green posts a frontal attack on human existence (proving my postulate), and all a couple of posters can respond with is "you first". Now, that is very amusing, but it is in no way a moral refudiation of their position. If people are not equiped to deal with such an obvious evil, then we are in serious trouble.

Anonymous said...

kiwi polemicist - why do you not condone suicide? If you've taken into account everything that will be inflicted upon others as a result (i.e. cleaning up your piss and shit, and then disposing of your body) then it is perfectly liberal thing for a smug libertarian to do.