Monday, 28 July 2008

Heads up this afternoon

Lindsay Perigo's appearance on Eye to Eye yesterday to discuss 'Mordi Language Week' can now be seen online at 'Gogglebox.'  Keep an eye out for former Head of the Māori Language Commission Haami Piripi to say the only way the Commission would "target" Perigo is "with a gun in the back," and Rotorua City Councillor Hawea Vercoe to display all the powers of reason of the vicious neanderthal he so strongly resembles.


  1. When push comes to shove we see that such people care not one jot for rational discourse, but would instead reach for the gun to force their will upon us, at the first opportunity possible.

  2. It looks like Mr Haami Piripi needs a gun to the head, maybe that will open his eyes a bit more.

    Anyway Lindsay did quite well in that discussion. I don't find Maori language as any different from other languages like French, Chines etc.... and I really like how some people still play the "I am a victim" part to ask for more silly rights.

    I will be very happy the day I leave NZ for AUS or Singapore

  3. The thing to remember about those 2 advocates of the Maori language in this programme is that no matter how good your argument is - it does not matter. They hold or want to hold the gun - to force their view on everyone else. They are extremely dangerous and unfortunately ignoring them is not an option because as was said by one of them - they would be happy to shoot you in the back. Primeval savages. Julian

  4. I thought three of the participants in the programme were prepared to discuss the issue in a reasonably courteous manner. The fourth had to resort to abuse. I don't think it will do his council re-election chances any good. The bottom line is whether we should all be forced to pay for promotion of the Maori language. If so many New Zealanders support its continuance, let them pay for this promotion with their own money. I will contribute if I want to.


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