Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Another named

It's reported that after losing his application to have his name protected, another of the seventeen arrested last week on firearms charges is one Rongomai Bailey, seen on this thread at culture.discuss. conspiracy opposing the drilling for oil in Alaska, opining:
The less development the better.

I have personally seen our native rain forests here in New Zealand be harvested and exported. Our rivers are polluted so you can't swim or drink from them. Our west coast beaches will soon be mined for iron (to be shipped to china) and some of the last untouched areas of this country strip mined for coal (to be shipped to china)...

Western Civilisation is definitely not "civilised".

The US doesn't need more oil and pollution, it needs to get rid of it's corrupt fascist government and stop murdering millions of people in other countries. It needs to grow up and take some responsibility.
I'll let you add the necessary "sic"s yourself. Mr Bailey also says here that he is (or at least was) involved with the magazine 'Uncensored,' a rag that manages to makes even 'Inwhistigate' look sane.

And speaking of suppression, I'd be interested to know if it's true (as reported over the weekend) that the reason for court proceedings being suppressed is not due to police application to keep the proceedings confidential -- police prosecutors are reportedly "neutral" on confidentiality -- but by the defendants themselves and their lawyers, which would mean that despite the very loud and very public calls of their supporters to have the evidence against them made public, their actual inclination is rather different. Which makes sense, of course, if you have something to hide.

And it wouldn't be the first time we see hypocrisy from those violently opposed to western civilisation, wouldn't it.

UPDATE 1: Quid pro quo perhaps for having his name published is that Mr Bailey, who is officially "unemployed from Grey Lynn," has been released on bail until November 1.
Rongomai Bailey, 28, is facing four charges under the Arms Act, including possession of a rifle and molotov cocktails. He is also alleged to have attended three so-called military-style training camps in the Ureweras. The judge released him on bail on condition that he not go within 30 kilometres of Ruatoki or possess any firearms or explosives, adding that there was still a chance Mr Bailey might face charges under the Terrorism Suppression Act...
UPDATE 2: Meanwhile, the protestations of solidarity continues apace -- solidarity, by the way, that is expressed as being unconditional (see below).

This is just plain dumb. So called "peace activists" expressing blind unconditional support for people charged with possession of deadly weapons -- solidarity expressed without regard for the nature of the charges, or for the evidence presented. Or it would be dumb if you really thought peace activism of the kind expressed was genuinely about the advocacy of peace.

Let me suggest that the sentiment expressed by Bomber late last week should be a litmus test for any member of the "activist community," one that if disagreed with will show the activist in their true lights. Said Bomber:
the activist community have got to demand our civil rights while renouncing any use of guns to force social change. In a functioning democracy, we fight with words and ideas, not grenade launchers.
Do you agree with that? Or do you want to write a blank cheque for violence?

UPDATE 4: Greetings to readers of Idiot/Savant, who seems to have overlooked the firearms charges with which the unemployed Mr Bailey is charged -- I/S sadly conflates Mr Bailey's adolescent views on the environment and on western civilization (for which he hasn't been charged) with his possession of a firearm for unlawful purposes, for which he has been. So much it seems for I/S's ability to discriminate.


  1. PC,
    Te Qaeda is no exaggeration.
    At a meeting discussing the plausibility of peaceful co existence between Christians and Muslims held here in Hamilton about 2 years ago, there were a bunch of turban/cleric garbed Maori extremists Islamic radicals, calling Christianity a "Terrorist religion" and demanding all Christians "Go home to England". These guys were rabid…almost hysterical….Fanatics pouring out racist anti-colonial hatred against Non-Maori and Christianity in particular.
    Te Qaeda are a very real and dangerous strain of Maori radicalism. How many there are in NZ I have no idea.
    There was one prominent speaker from the Islamic community who tried to quote the Koran as being pro freedom and obviously did not like the spectacle these Maori Islamics were creating.
    Tim Wikiriwhi.

  2. "...It's all going to be shipped to China!"
    The great Indigenous dread!
    They fear being left to drown like Polar Bears, as a result of Western Industrialism and Chinese greed!

    "...The less development the better!..."
    This says it all!

    Tim Wikiriwhi

  3. Most of our forests were destroyed by the Maori actually. But let facts not get in the way of an uncensored story!ddlsz

  4. This link:

    quotes this charming genleman's 'occupation' as unemployed.

    What an unfair waste of talent. Surely he could be found work as a Maori Party hack of some sort..? Or, maybe he is just resting and gathering his energy for a ministerial position in the People's Polynesian Republic Of Aotearoa.

    Actually, a thought came to me the other day about these complaints about calling this terrorist activity. Surely a more appropriate description would be 'treason' wouldn't it?

  5. Fucking anti industrial savages and phony pacifists make me want to puke!
    Ever since I encountered In high school loser left wing sandal wearing,no good hippy teachers who were suporters of the "peace movement" Ive always considered anybody who goes under the sicking title "peace activists" to be crooked as hell

  6. Of course it was always telling how much support the so-called "Peace" movement got from the USSR and its satellites during the Cold War - the USSR explicitly saw the Western "peace" movement as part of its arsenal to disarm the West giving its totalitarian well armed regimes the edge.

    The "peace" movement attracted many naive and well meaning people who didn't like war - but was led by well focused people who were happy to turn their back on the use of guns and war against the west and the opponents of their friends in Moscow and Beijing.

  7. "Unemployed of Grey Lynn" ..lol..gosh..that narrows it down a bit :P

    I am sure each afternoon he awakes (after sleeping off the previous night's 16 jugs of Lion Red)..with the intention of working...but ya know bro, it is easier to just collect the dole, eh?

  8. The most sickening thing about that Photo is these anti industry dole bludging control freaks pretend to be representing 'Liberty' and 'Freedom.
    Check out their signs!

  9. Yeah. They want liberty alright. Liberty to steal, rape and kill.


  10. gosh you guys must be brain dead, Broaden your horizons or something

  11. Anonymouse, is that all you've got? You should change your nappies before trying to communicate with your betters.


  12. you guys know nothing!!! I know him and he has actually just finished an internship which has been stated on other sites. he is highly educated, barely drinks and is anti-weapons. if you knew any of the information you would not be so quick to judge. why are we so ready to give up our right to disagree with the status quo? FFS he isnt even a Maori activist!! regarding the ironsand mining- the govt is looking at letting China mine ironsands from the NZ coast. you are just a bucnh of racist rednecks with little or no basis to any of you allegations

  13. Anonymous

    So your fellow traveller is highly educated, barely drinks and is anti-guns? Guess he was going to barely shoot people- all in the most highly educated way, of course. Strange how your chum hangs around with violent un-educated types preaching violence and destruction and hate.

    Speaking of hate- what have you got against Chinese people you racist redneck? What's wrong with them buying iron ore?

    Trouble with your kind is that you are educated in hate, violence, jealousy and racism. You should look at your own evil black heart before villifying Chinese people. What a wee racist pig you are.



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