Saturday, 3 December 2005

Free Radical #69. " Best yet."

I've been devouring my new copy of the 'Free Radical' since it arrived in my letterbox, and I have just two words to describe it. Wow. Twice. I have to say that it's the best issue yet.
  • Read Lindsay Perigo's interview with the world's first 'terminator of Political Correctness,' Wayne Mapp -- the former 'Politically Incorrect Show' host interviewing the National Party's new PC Eradicator -- and find out whether a PC Nat-perons can eradicate PC.
  • Read the 'Confessions of a Political Editor' -- a libertarian Political Correspondent tells all about his fours years in the heart of the Parliament of Whores.
  • Find out about the 'New Puritans,' those scolds who would take away our pleasures -- and we're not talking Christian Puritans here.
  • Have no fear though we are talking Christian idiocy: You can read my own piece on the Intelligent Design nonsense, first published here at 'Not PC,' in a final and cleaned-up version (still a couple of typos though. Bugger.)
  • Find out about the Northland farmer arrested for shooting a young thief caught stealing his equipment late on night, and what it cost him to clear his name; Julian Pistorius has the interview.
  • And there's much much more, including Casey Fahy's take on the non-responses to the publication of James Valliant's just-published Branden charge-sheet, 'The Passion of Ayn Rand's Critics.' 'The Silence of Ayn Rand's Critics' is online, but you can read the review of Valliant's book only in the print version, along with much, much more!
Full list of contents here at SOLO, including information on how to subscribe. Wow!

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  1. Yeah it's good. But it's a pity so much of the magazine is about the infighting in the libertarian movement. I find that stuff boring in the extreme.


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