Monday, 5 September 2016



Like you, I’m always fascinated by what folk find interesting in each week’s Friday Ramble.

These were this Friday’s ten links most clicked upon:

  1. Vancouver Real Estate Bubble Has Burst and Home Owners Are Panic Selling
  2. Louisiana officials demand that self-reliant locals stop surviving the flood without permission
  3. P.J. O'Rourke on Maths
  4. Hey, National MPs: Never hug a corpse
  5. French PM: Naked breasts represent France better than veils
  6. Cure for cancer might accidentally have been found, and it could be malaria
  7. An Oral History of the Worst Song of All Time (Trigger Warning!)
  8. Housing campaigner predicts spiralling house prices will be Key's 'Waterloo'
  9. Four New Papers: Anthropogenic Signal Not Detectable in Sea Level Rise
  10. The Virtue of Honesty

Think of them as clickbait with proven soul.



  1. Alternative take on the Vancouver market with their overseas buyers tax:

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  3. The one about Starship is funny in the vein of Spinal tap: Best gag:

    Garland: That year, they played the MTV New Year's Eve party for us. Someone in the production crew thought it would be neat to release thousands of Ping-Pong balls. The audience starts throwing the balls, and while Mickey's hitting a note, a ball flies into his mouth. He was pissed.

    Next best:

    Page: Hmm. Marconi was the first one to send music across the ocean. I saw “We Built This City” as saying stop the corporations, we need to play music.
    Thomas: Bernie didn't say “mambo,” he said “mamba,” which is a snake. Marconi created the radio. Maybe Bernie meant to say “mambo.” Maybe it means: If you don't like this music, some really angry snakes are gonna come out of the speakers.
    Chaquico: Marconi's the guy who invented the radio, and his style of music was the mamba. But listen to the radio now. Do you hear any mamba? That's how I look at the lyric: Things change. I could be totally wrong.
    Thomas: At one point I did start to sing “mambo,” to try and be more grammatically correct, and after a while I thought, “Fuck it,” and went back to “mamba.”


    Chaquico: If you listen to any song a million times, you'll get sick of it. So a lot of people got sick of that song, including me.

    [I repost because my comments didn't work with "<>" around them. :) ]

  4. SOLO not in there. I thought you guys said Perigo had turned into mathematical mush.
    I don't think so.
    His speech at a NZ institute meeting on Freedom,[with the precious Susan Devoy] was riveting, awesome.
    Muriel Newman has it covered over at Breaking News.


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