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Summer Ramble,12.01.16


“Police focus on speed because it's easy. Easy to spot, easy to capture, quick and easy ticketing, next please... This laziness on the part of the police has to stop.”
Speed is not the problem – Charlie Callcut, STUFF

“Kids need to be taught the joy of winning and the pain of losing. That’s the message from World Cup-winning coach Steve Hansen in a wide-ranging interview with the Herald.”
Hansen on hating losing – KIWIBLOG

“Kelly, who has lung cancer, has been taking cannabis oil sourced from the black market to relieve her pain and believes it is ‘absolutely ludicrous’ New Zealand's laws have forced her to do so. ‘If we can have a referendum on the New Zealand flag, then we can have a referendum on this issue,’ she said on Saturday.”
Helen Kelly wants referendum on legalising cannabis at the next election – STUFF

Value-added”? For Canada, read also New Zealand: “…we might be better focussing on what we know.”
Practically speaking – FINANCIAL POST

Green Party of Australia begin to see reason on genetic modification. Your move, Green Party of NZ.
Aust Greens leader open to GM, NZ Greens pressured – 3 NEWS

“This evaluation of NZ’s bicycle helmet law finds it has failed in aspects of promoting cycling, safety, health, accident compensation, environmental issues and civil liberties. It is estimated to cost about 53 lives per year in premature deaths and result in thousands of fines plus legal aspects of discrimination in accident compensation cases. Road safety and cyclist’s safety should be improved by coherent policies, which support health, the environment, and without the legal requirement to wear a helmet.”
Evaluation of New Zealand’s bicycle helmet law – Colin Clarke, NZMJ

“How is it that that the bush is so mismanaged, that fire-fighting budgets grow ever larger even as bushfires do the same. In 2009, months after the Black Saturday fires, Ray Evans detailed how the practical management of our countryside was captured by the left. His analysis is worth re-visiting.”
Green, Burnt and Red All Over – Roger Franklin, QUADRANT
The Victorian Bushfires – Ben O’Neill, MISES DAILY

Chris Gayle. “Unprofessional at worst, unintentionally hilarious at best.”
Chris Gayle and the rise of the Flirt Tax – SPIKED

“Online progressive activists tend to have a high regard for what they do: they’re educating people, speaking truth to power, changing the world, etc. But mostly the result of this education and challenging via social media pile-ons and call-outs seems to result in the subjects hating progressive activists and identity politics and/or deleting their social media accounts. These don’t seem like big wins for the cause. It often feels to me like the real goal here is to have fun shitting all over people while feeling sanctimonious about it.”
A note on pile-ons – Danyl McLauchlan, DIM POST
Piles of pile-on palaver – YOUR NZ

“This is not a ‘political correctness’ issue. It’s a fundamental rejection of the possibility to consider that the people who don’t feel the same way you do might be right. It’s a preference to see the Other Side as a cardboard cut out, and not the complicated individual human beings that they actually are.”
The “Other Side” Is Not Dumb – Sean Blanda, MEDIUM.COM

“'Hate speech' is what 'progressives'
call free speech they don't like.”

~  Pat Condell

“Back at work and losing your holiday optimism? Here are 17 interactive graphics showing the current astounding improvements in life for people across the globe.”
17 reasons why the world has never been a better place – CAPX

Yes, it is worth saying over and over again. “For the first time in human history, less than 10 percent of the world’s population live in extreme poverty… Absolute poverty will be gone by 2030.”
The End of Extreme Poverty – ANYTHING PEACEFUL

“Consumption inequality is decreasing: The list of things that the rich can afford but the average American cannot is growing shorter and shorter.”
What Can the Rich Afford that Average Americans Can't? – Don Boudreaux, ANYTHING PEACEFUL

“These stupid predictions of the end of oil have been going on for most of the last century.”
Dead wrong on oil – Stephen Moore, WASHINGTON TIMES

“Bone-foam is about to make broken bones a thing of the past.”
French breakthrough in bone-healing foam cement – RYOT, FACEBOOK

And the good news keeps coming!
'Beer makes you fat' - and other booze myths busted – SHORTLIST

Light is more than 10,000 cheaper than in the past. (Price comes down –> We get rich.)”

Did you enjoy those UK floods? No?
Drowning in money: the untold story of the crazy public spending that makes flooding inevitable... – George Monbiot, GUARDIAN

President Obama would rather disarm Americans than allow them to fight their rapists. [Hat tip Michael Niren, who comments: “It's now becoming clear that so called ‘women's issues’ were never about their interests, their freedom, their happiness. But rather was a politicalized means to control others in the name of ‘women's rights.’ Now that Muslim immigration is the flavour of the month, women and their safety have been tossed to the curb. Perhaps people will finally understand that only individuals and NOT interest groups (women, ethnicities, social classes, you name it) are what count. And when politicians promote the ‘rights’ of a special interest group they mean to sacrifice, enslave, steal from, and harm the smallest minority of all: the individual.”
Obama to Rape Victim: You Probably Won't Be Able To Use a Gun To Stop Your Own Rape Anyway- DAILY WIRE

The Onion …
White House Carefully Screening Any Gun Control Town Hall Questions That Address Obama As ‘Mein Führer’ – THE ONION

First reason must surely be the participants?
5 Reasons Serious TV Debates Are Impossible – David Bier, ANYTHING PEACEFUL

"Appealing to angry morons is a tricky business — what if you turn out to be really good at it?"
Is Donald Trump the Paris Hilton of politics? – Kevin Williamson, WASHINGTON EXAMINER
Trump created by the politically correct left – KIWIBLOG

See, in the west we’re civilised. We violate the rights of women through an established legal process.
North Carolina's Abortion Law Just Got Crazier – GAWKER

"Values like free speech and freedom of thought will remain common values only if they are treated as such. Part of treating them as values means having the moral courage to defend them."
“Je Suis Charlie” No Longer: A Year After the Attacks, Is the West Betraying Free Speech? – Steve Simpson, VOICES FOR REASON
Après Charlie – SPIKED

“If 2015 has been a turning point, it may well have marked a turn in a downward direction for America and for Western civilisation.”
Thomas Sowell: Good Riddance To 2015, The Year Of The Big Lie – Thomas Sowell, I.B.D.

Robert Tracinski reviews the top stories of the year 2015 and his coverage of them:
    “Story #5 is the enormous time and effort devoted to pretending to deal with a problem that doesn’t exist, distracting us from dealing with real issues. Story #4 is the revival and hardening of the abortion debate. Story #3 is Political Correctness coming back to destroy the universities that spawned it. Story #2 is the unleashing of the unreasoning Id of the right, in the form of Donald Trump.
    "None of these stories is particularly good (though watching Political Correctness come back to destroy the universities offers a certain amount of schadenfreude). And the top story of the year is one that makes all of the others worse.
    "A spectre is haunting Europe. The spectre of Islam..."
#1: The Spectre of Islam - Robert Tracinski, TRACINSKI LETTER
#2: The Edge of Reason - Robert Tracinski, TRACINSKI LETTER
#3: The Year the Chickens Came Home to Roost - Robert Tracinski, TRACINSKI LETTER
#4: Is Abortion the New Slavery? - Robert Tracinski, TRACINSKI LETTER
#5: The Phantom Menace (of Global Warming) - Robert Tracinski, TRACINSKI LETTER

“Progressives may preach the joys of localism, but the trend in government is all the other way in everything from climate change to the economic complexion of your neighborhood.”
How Liberals Are the New Autocrats – DAILY BEAST

“As women’s issues become part of the 2016 presidential race, it may be instructive to review recent statements made by some of Bill Clinton’s alleged female victims regarding the ambitions of Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton.”
In Their Own Words: Why Bill’s ‘Bimbos’ Fear a Hillary Presidency – BREITBART

"That Mr. Sanders sees no conflict between using taxation to discourage (allegedly) harmful activities and using taxation as a source of revenue proves that he ponders with insufficient sobriety the economic matters on which he pontificates so sternly."
The Economics of a Toddler Combined With the Ethics of a Thug – Donald Boudreaux, CAFE HAYEK

“Before succumbing yet again to the UN Charter’s endearing promise ‘to take effective collective measures for the prevention and removal of threats to the peace,’ a look back at the devastating record of 2015 is in order.”
A Look Back at the 10 Worst Actions Taken by the UN in 2015 – PJ MEDIA

I’ll bet you’ll never guess what book is most checked out from the UN library

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“Here are 10 of the many scientific problems with the assumption human activity is causing ‘global warming’ or ‘climate change’.”
The Most Comprehensive Assault On 'Global Warming' Ever – Mike Van Biezen, DAILY WIRE

“A 36% consensus definitely is less impressive than 97%. In fact, it is a minority view.”
The global warming consensus that isn't – AMERICAN THINKER

Climate scientist Judith Curry explains why Nicholas Taleb errs in applying the precautionary principle to climate change.
Climate models and precautionary measures – Judith Curry, CLIMATE ETC.

Climate models wrong about global warming for 60 yrs -- and getting worse.
Climate Models and Climate Reality: A Closer Look at a Lukewarming World  - Patrick Michaels & Chip Knappenberger, CATO

“Increasingly, the facts are not intersecting with climate alarmists’ agenda; three more global-warming stories will no doubt put a chill on alarmists’ New Year…”
Disarming the Alarmists: Climate-change Myth Takes Three More Hits – Selwyn Duke, NEW AMERICAN

The tolerant socialist's plan also includes jailing climate skeptics.
Sanders rolls out climate change plan, wants 40 percent reduction in carbon emissions by 2030 – JUNK SCIENCE

Oh noes!
12 days to Al Gore’s ’10 years to save the planet’ and ‘point of no return’ planetary emergency deadline – WATTS UP WITH THAT

“An(other) eco-fable where it is extremely hard to find scientific evidence. No shortage of just so stories though…”
Are we really “choking the ocean with plastic”? Tracing the creation of an eco-myth – WATTS UP WITH THAT

Next time a warmist raves about wind/solar installs, show them this – courtesy of James Hansen.
Fig 1. Energy consumption in China, US, India & Germany – JAMES HANSEN

“Global warming alarmists claimed Arctic ice cap would be gone by now, but sea ice is 5% above 35 year average.”
Climate Blockbuster: New NASA Data Shows Polar Ice Has Not Receded Since 1979 – Steve Watson, INFO WARS

And North Pole sea ice this very month is … pretty damned good, actually. Thanks for asking.
Current Sea Ice extent – DMI

“When politics are used to allocate resources, the
resources all end up being allocated to politics.”

~ P.J. O'Rourke

“A number of systemic, structural forces are intersecting in 2016. One is the end-game of debt-fueled ‘growth.’
    We can summarise the official ‘solution’ to the Global Financial Meltdown of 2008 in one line: borrow and blow trillions--of yen, yuan, dollars, euros, reals, you name it.
    “The goal of borrowing and blowing trillions was to re-invigorate ‘growth’-- any kind of ‘growth,’ no matter how wasteful, unproductive or even counter-productive it might be … Unsurprisingly, this strategy yields diminishing returns as the negative returns on all this debt-fueled spending piles up.”
2016 Theme #4: The End-Game of Debt-Fueled "Growth" – Charles Hugh Smith, OF TWO MINDS
Biggest Economies Face $7 Trillion Debt Refinancing Tab in 2016 – Annalee Worrachate, BLOOMBERG
The Government Must Stop Printing Phony Money – Richard Ebeling, EPIC TIMES

"There no longer is any doubt about the state of industry and manufacturing in the US as well as the rest of the world. The most diehard, stubbornly optimistic economists have now completely given up on the ‘goods economy.’ Instead, they have been forced to try to explain why such a slump would show up exactly when it shouldn’t, and further why its sudden appearance does not matter. For the most part, economists have been taken with the service sector as the means of comfort despite the fact that, in GDP anyway, a great deal of the “service economy” doesn’t actually exist."
The “Services” Based Economy Delusion——More Wall Street/Keynesian Agit-Prop - Jeffrey Snider, CONTRA CORNER

What to read after Economics in One Lesson? Well, maybe this?
 Choice: Cooperation, Enterprise, and Human Action, by Bob Murphy – AMAZON

“In 1978, Harvard economist John Kenneth Galbraith claimed that General Motors was so dominant that it could no longer be constrained by either consumers or competitors.” Check out what socialist Galbraith's predictions were and how phenomenally wrong they were, as was the case with almost everything else he said.
2016 Forecast: The Experts Will Be Wrong- Scott Rasmussen, REAL CLEAR POLITICS

““While women are earning slightly more than men in their 20s, they are still overtaken by men later in life – and the reason is simple.” Could the unspoken answer be: babies?
Women in their 20s earn more than men of same age, study finds – GUARDIAN

The future of economic analysis in one comic.
"Our model says yes!" – SMBC COMICS

“This one is a doozy.”
Ep. 15 Krugman Calls for Housing Bubble, Tries to Weasel Out of It, Then Blames Capitalism – CONTRA KRUGMAN

So, AIG just announced that it will be closing 174 of its 178 offices in 24 US states. Yep, good thing we bailed them out.
AIG lays off employees, closes offices – WPTV

“What other discipline should economists focus on learning more about?”
Economists Should Study History – CAFE HAYEK

Markets in everything?
The moral case for paying kidney donors – Scot Sumber, WASHINGTON POST

[INTERVIEW] "Diane Coyle, author of GDP: A Brief but Affectionate History, talks with EconTalk host Russ Roberts about the history of GDP, its uses, and its abuses. Topics discussed include the origins of GDP in the developed countries, the challenges of measuring the service sector, the challenges of dealing with innovation and product diversity, whether GDP should be supplemented with other measures of human well-being, and the challenges of dealing with internet-based goods that produce a great deal of satisfaction but make a much smaller impact on measured economic activity."
Diane Coyle on GDP EconTalk Episode with Diane Coyle - ECON TALK
How We Count Counts: Diane Coyle on The Rise and Fall of American Growth - ECON LOG

Fascinating but incomplete discussion on the emergence of innovation before (leading to) the Industrial Revolution:

“After losing his wife to a three-year battle with cancer, Dr. Pazdur is fighting to speed up drug approvals.”
FDA Regulator Finally Sees the Problem with Drug Restrictions – F.E.E.

Frederick Gibson: “A most horrific abuse of government power over many decades. I highly recommend reading this article to understand what is actually happening in the Hammond case.”
Full Story About What's Going on In Oregon - "Militia" Take Over Malheur National Wildlife Refuge In Protest to Hammond Family Persecution… – CONSERVATIVE TREEHOUSE

“I find television very educating. Every time somebody
turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.”

~ Groucho Marx

“Reading more isn’t a secret. It comes down to choices. Finding time to read is easy, I’ll show you how.
“(Warning: Side effects of reading more may include (1) increased intelligence; (2) uncomfortable silence when someone asks you what happened on Game of Thrones last night and you say “Game of what?”; (3) better ideas and (4) increased understanding of yourself and others.)”
Finding Time to Read – FARNAM STREET

Question: "What is your idea of perfect happiness?" David Bowie's answer: "Reading.
David Bowie Answers the Proust Questionnaire – VANITY FAIR (1998)

A Flood of Ayn Rand Essays Now Online! – ARI: CAMPUS

“At one level, the increased attention given to Rand’s views seems to be due to how aptly her account of the destruction of capitalism in Atlas Shrugged captures what has been happening in reality. …
    “Yet, this alone cannot explain the increased attention given to Rand, for both F. A. Hayek and Ludwig von Mises describe such a development, and while there is increased attention to their works too, it has not been as intense as that given to Rand’s. It would seem that the reason Rand’s views have been thrust into the public square is due to more than economic matters. No doubt, it is because of the moral or ethical dimension of her understanding of the role of government and the nature of capitalism.”
Why Ayn Rand? Answers and Some Questions for Discussion – Douglas Rasmussen, CATO

New to Objectivism? Take the course, Introducing Objectivism, on ARI Campus for an intro!
Introducing Objectivism – ARI: CAMPUS

David Harriman: “I've just posted a lot of my work in philosophy of science on my website, www.thelogicalleap.com. The work is a combination of "greatest hits" and never-before-released material. It includes discussions of relativity and quantum theory that have not been available until now. Enjoy!”

To find new ideas, read old books….

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They might be wrong, but why take chances.
The 11 Health Benefits of Whisky – BABA MAIL

“'The movie, The Big Short consistently skirts any mention of the underlying cause of the financial crisis. The producers created their story under the self-accepted censorship of the Liberal-Left party line, without which Michael Lewis’s book could not have become a runaway best-seller…
    "[Yet] I enjoyed it. It deserves some of the enthusiasm of audiences—provided that your only criteria are effective storytelling, tight drama, and, above all, cinematic skill equal to its subject’s challenges."
The Big Cover-Up – Walter Donway, SAVVY STREET

“Workplaces need more walls, not fewer.”
Google got it wrong. The open-office trend is destroying the workplace. – Lindsey Kaufman, WASHINGTON POST

“One of the main reasons why fantasy is not a part of the Montessori curriculum is because it disorients young children.”
Understanding difference between fantasy and imagination – Diane Bauso, THE CITIZEN

“Are creative people's modes really contradictory, or do psychologists have the wrong classification system?”
Creative people’s brains really do work differently – QZ.COM

More myths.
The concept of different “learning styles” is one of the greatest neuroscience myths – QZ.COM

"Teammates of the hockey star Wayne Gretzky would occasionally witness a strange sight: Gretzky falling while he skated through solitary drills on ice. While the spectacle of the planet’s greatest hockey player toppling over like a grade-schooler might seem surprising, it actually makes perfect sense. As skilled as he was, Gretzky was determined to improve, to push the boundaries of the possible…”
Review: The Little Book of Talent, by Daniel Coyle – OBJECTIVE STANDARD

Is this the end of craft beer?
Highways to a 'post-craft' world – Stu McKinlay, STUFF

Modern life, in one image:

Embedded image permalink


Laugh? They nearly died.



“Bowie does appear to be a new focus for the vague, predatory, escapist reveries of the alienated young. Although Bowie himself is unlikely to last long as a cult, it is hard to believe that the feelings he has aroused or aggravated will vanish along with the fashion built round him.”
From the archive: Martin Amis [in 1973] on the “mild fad” of David Bowie – NEW STATESMAN

Six-part series on David Bowie’s lifelong "obsession to change."
David Bowie: The Odyssey of a Changeling – George Kay, RADIO NZ CONCERT

And then one night Brian Eno called, and asked Robert Fripp to spray burning guitar over David’s latest album …



Philip Glass does David & Brian:



Here’s John Grant:



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