Monday, 4 May 2015

The most exciting UK election in ages? But who on earth to vote FOR???

In this most confusing of exciting UK elections (or vice versa), Liberty Scott does his now-patented running-the-rule over who you might want to vote for in the UK elections, if you were in the UK and wanted to leave the house to vote for liberty and freedom. (And unlike me, Scott is someone who likes to vote.)

It looks like your chances in that regard are not good. But how about even trying to understand the whole bugger’s muddle …

  • Most exciting UK election in ages? In one sense... (Part One)
    That's the line being taken by the UK media, of course every election is presented as a "once in a lifetime" chance, when it rarely ever is.
    What is deemed exciting is that the polls for the past few years have indicated that neither major party is likely to win a majority of seats.  There are two reasons for that….
    My suspicion is that there will be another election later this year.
    However, in terms of the variety of what is on offer, it is more nomenclature than substance….
  • Most exciting UK election in ages? Philosophical commitment vs. capitulation (Part Two)
    I was wrong.
    When I first envisaged this blog post, the UK election campaign looked like a lot of "me-too" ism, which moved away from the early rhetoric of Labour Leader Ed Miliband, to a middle muddle ground of mediocrity, where both major parties campaign on different versions of the same policies. Although  both main parties are not too far apart on most policies, the truth is there is a yawning gap, and it is one based upon not simply political philosophy, but the very notion of having a political philosophy and set of principles upon which to base policies.
    In that sense, the Labour Party has got both.  The Conservative Party, has almost neither….
  • Most exciting UK election in ages? What small government option? (Part Three)
    What do the Conservatives offer?  Rebuttal of the Labour narrative?
  • Most exciting UK election in ages? No to UKIP (Part Four)
    UKIP is not a libertarian party.  It is not a free market party. It is not the UK equivalent of ACT.  It is a populist party with some good policies, and an outspoken leader who, sometimes, is rather good… [and] the manifesto is a very mixed bag .…


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