Thursday, 29 March 2012

Road rule changes for Westies

On 25 March 2012 the Give Way Rules changed. Since so few drivers understand them, especially out West where we hear they’ve been having fearsome problems, we offer this simple guide to assist the average Westie to understand who gives way to whom. [“Whom”? Who says “whom” in Henderson?]


The red Mk IV Cortina gives way to the green Mk IV Cortina.


Whereas the Purple Holden Ute used to have right of way over the Blue Holden Ute.


Real cars will continue to have right of way over Japanese cars.


Holden will never give way to Ford, and vice versa, leading to collisions whenever they meet.


Trucks will continue to have right of “weigh” because they weigh more.


With some exceptions. Here above the rubbish truck is heavier, but must be overtaken or it will hold up traffic which is a crime against God and nature.


Buses weigh a lot, but, being a form of public transport of course never get right of way.

Note how all these drivers cooperate to ensure there is no gap the bus can push into.


Classic cars have right of way, so the Holden gives way to the Jag XK120.


Ford Capri claims classic status but Holden Ute gains right of way because the Capri has been painted pink….and it’s a Ford.


Holden HZ gains right of way over Holden SS V not because it is a classic but because the SS driver is more worried about scratching his paint work.


Citroen DS claims right of way as a classic, but no one ever gives way to the French.


Real classics claim right of way over not really classics like this 1980s Rover 3500


Time machine gets right of way over everything, except…


Magnum PI, because nothing holds up that moustache [See Ferrari refutes the Decline of the West, in Republican Party Reptile, P J O'Rourke].


Ordinary cars give way to a police car.


Traffic police will continue to give way to real police trying to catch Sheryl West.


Police cars still give way to ambulances.


I guess if two ambulances meet they both have right of way and collide. Cool…


Then you’d have to send a really BIG ambulance!


So in summary the green piece of tinfoil and glad wrap origami on the left gives way to the green Japanese piece of tinf…oh who cares, Westies never admit to driving Japanese.

[Hat tip Susan R.]


  1. I don't get it non PC, why can not I just shove through. See woman driver take advantage, see Westie, refuse to give way, in fact see Aucklander refuse to give way, crash up Ministerials in Wellington, fuck yous dudes.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. You missed out sandal wearing mung bean munching swivel eyed loons aka greenie cyclists - they appear to own the road trumping all others.


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